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New sarm stack ( Rad 140/YK-11/LGD-4033 )

I'm not sure that sarms from supplement stores are going to be legit
good chance its pro hormones
and make sure you log this and use n2guard

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step one is you got to make sure what you bought is really what you think it is. A lot of times sarms are faked or they are different things like fake supplements or fake pro hormones
best thing you can do to contribute and also help yourself is to get up a log Journal
that will be great because you can update us on your progress as things go along
i'm glad your name is satire
don't want you to be serious and abuse tren. its a tough steroid
smart using sarms here. but log it
Hey guys, just joined this forum today.
I’m 5’8” around 165 lbs, 8-10% bf, 26 years old, been lifting 10 years.

Earlier this month I started a new sarm cycle. ( Not my first )

It’s an oral capsule ( pre blend, so I can’t change the doses )
1 pill is:
LGD4033 - 20mg
Rad 140 - 40mg
YK-11 - 10mg

Been on it for about 2 weeks now, and I’m sure the product is legit. Getting pretty good results. Been taking 1 pill day.

Now of course the doses are pretty high.
If I was designing the product I’d have the LGD at 10 mg per day, Rad at 20-30 mg per day, and YK still at 10mg per day.

I’ll try to document my progress occasionally in this log, but my question is, will this be completely awful for my liver with the doses this high?

The Rad and LGD dose seems a bit excessive.

Currently taking high doses of Milk Thistle and Turmeric for liver support, but could switch to something like NAC or Tudca if you guys think it’s necessary.

I know Rad and LGD aren’t methylated but the high doses still have me slightly concerned.

Nevertheless the results are fantastic!
bro get n2guaed asap
I'm not sure that sarms from supplement stores are going to be legit
good chance its pro hormones
and make sure you log this and use n2guard
exactly.. they are nearly always either spiked with prohormones or even steroids... you are not getting legit sarms from any supplement store
My local supplement store that I’ve been going to since 2020. They sell legit sarms and on the market pro hormones ( DHEA based ).

Do you think I should take 1 pill every other day, so it’s half the dose?

That would be:
10 mg LGD-4033
20 mg Rad-140
5 mg YK-11

I just don’t know if the half life of the sarms would fuck things up. Like unstable blood levels.
@ProudTrenAbuser good you dont abuse tren but what happened to the log? you ignored all our log requests and keep going
please get a LOG posted NOW so we can actually help you, anyone giving you advice no log is just giving you nonsense info

Haha the username is pure satire.

I don’t use or abuse tren, although I’ve done one 3 month cycle of it over 5 years ago.

I’ll look into getting some N2Guard for sure.

Also do you think I should/could just take 1 pill every 2 days?

So on average, daily it would be:
10 mg LGD 4033
20 mg Rad 140
5 mg YK-11

I’m just wondering if that would work out ok with the half life of the compounds?

Lmk thanks. 💯
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