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yk 11

  1. P

    New sarm stack ( Rad 140/YK-11/LGD-4033 )

    Hey guys, just joined this forum today. I’m 5’8” around 165 lbs, 8-10% bf, 26 years old, been lifting 10 years. Earlier this month I started a new sarm cycle. ( Not my first ) It’s an oral capsule ( pre blend, so I can’t change the doses ) 1 pill is: LGD4033 - 20mg Rad 140 - 40mg YK-11 - 10mg...
  2. tui

    Rad140, YK11, M2866 Sarms stack

    Hi all, I'm early forties, have messed around with dbol and Rad140 when I was younger, admittingly without the proper knowledge and PCT. I'm lucky not to have any long term sides as a consequence of my ignorance to what I was doing to my body (I think!). Anyway, Ive done my bloodwork in...
  3. M

    My Recomp/recovery SARM stack

    Products: morning LGD 4033 10mg, GW 501516 10mg, YK11 10mg evening: GW 501516 10mg Preworkout: sr9009 20mg Stats: 5'10" 240lbs waist 36 inches, neck 16 inches, approx 15% bodyfat, 35 years old Background: Law Enforcement, Military, Crossfiter (well I use SEALfit for my workouts, but I'm not a...
  4. J

    My Sarm Stack

    So the supp store guy convinced me to run a SARMS cycle, and gave me a stack of lgd, YK-11, and Rad 140. I began running them immediately, and began to research everything I could about them. The first week was really remarkable, I could feel them almost instantly. I have always been a natty...
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