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need real TRT doc... PLEASE HELP


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I need to go on TRT.

I need to know a way to find a doc that will get my numbers up to an IDEAL number (ideally 1500) and not to some middling bullshit number like 600. Im 40, Ive JUST gotten consent to get the program started (though I have needed it for over 5 years), and Im stuck in pennsylvania where EVERYTHING is backwards as hell. Im thinking about flying all over the country or whatever to find a doc that would actually align my numbers with ... why do I want to go through all of this just to be medeoker, when optimal is just doing more of the same thing? The mentality is fucktarded IMO especially when dealing with issues like my health, productivity, and mental state.

Im going to have to do this mess out of my own pocket. I have Medicaid, and my docs are Bullshitting. At very least the ones that they want me to go to. I would explain the whole process but its just a lot of stalling tactics to squeeze out fees, like not taking all of the tests that they need in the same Blood Panel/Draw, etc. Each visit = +$, dontcha know. All the while I feel like shit every day they milk the system.

I need advice on how to go about dealing with this aspect. They want to charge MAD extra for this aspect and I dont know what Im doing. I will go the underground route if needed but I really know fuckall about it. I just know that I cant affoard thousands/month for a couple of shots. And not for nothing that shit sounds like a Scam. I honestly will move to China if that is where I can get the shit legally and affoardably and just feel better every day. Il take all helpful input/education offered, Im SICK AND TIRED of feling like this, and I can finally do something about it.

Ideal/Optimum Hormone levels:
Does anyone have links to articles where OPTIMUM hormone levels are talked about?
It seems we live in this bullshitopia where people like to talk about the AVERAGE numbers of the AVERAGE guys that get tested - and let us not forget that most people dont get tested unless there is a problem. So bringing my numbers up to an unhealthy average is not something Im terribly interested in. at all. (well my current number is 201 so ... well you get my meaning)

Right now my Halfassed plan is to go see this doctor in California after getting started off by a nurse Practitioner in PA. my appt with her is on 3/10. I figure she will get me up to like 6-700 ng/dl and then the other guy will take me the rest of the way. This plan is also quite likely to Bankrupt me.

I have a secondary plan of a dr in Jersey, but SHE would like me to produce some more research on the idea that my Ideal numbers are not going to kill me/give me cancer, lahblahblah.

Any and all help greatly appreciated, but if you're not trying to help, please just save your breath.

No, I have never before done Steroids, so please do not assume that I know anything, Im totally new to this.

If there is something that I need to know that is wrong for the Boards, please feel free to PM me. I am VERY libertarian in my Vioews, and frankly don't care if something is Legal in America. If I have to Travel or even RELOCATE I absolutely will.
Look up endocrinologists in your area and ask your primary care provider for a referral if needed
Been there, Done that. It seems that endocrinologists are the WORST route to treating this stuff. they really have too much pre-Bias. They end up treating the tests and not the patient, and they seriously mostly just don t give a damn about quality of life issues. Ive been going through this for about 5 years as my test numbers slowly slipped down to a current 201. But until ten I didnt have a "problem" even though I had every single other symptom. Ive been sent for every test from Sleep Apnea to Testiculr Cancer, all in what can only be described as an effort to try to avoid dealing with the actual problem.
How many endos have you seen. If you don't like the one your seeing then fire them and see another. If there are no others around then you my have to go to one of those life extension clinics. The issue with them is most insurance company's will not cover so it's an out of pocket expense
Wait you said you want a real TRT doc to get your #s to 1500...that won't happen. Real proper docs will not push your numbers over the top of what's normal. The only ones that do that are the ones pushing hormones and that don't follow government guidelines at all. There are some of these places but they are often shut down and they are not what I would call a real doc. You would be hard pressed to find a real doc that is doing his job right that would push your #s over 800 on replacement. Also I have never heard of any insurance company accepting pushing your #s that high. So your only option will be to go to shady non insurance backed hormone clinics.
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