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my next blast and cruise

wow thats crazy dose

redo by 50% down minimum

300mgs tren
200mgs masteron
200mgs eq
400mgs test

MAYBE even thats high
All the people who run cycles like this die a very early death, think twice before you decide going down this road.
gonna be doing a blast and cruise
I’m 24 years old and planning on going pro, next year I want to win my pro card. Working with a posing coach and take this stuff very seriously. 5’9’’ 230 pounds and 11% body fat.
Want to get under 10%. my goal is to achieve Monstro’s physique
Here is my cycle:
Tren 500mgs a week
Masteron 1000mgs a week
Equipoise 1200mgs a week
Test 500mgs a week
only question is on the hgh and insulin. What dosage would work best?
Lower your doses dude......
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