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my joints hurt after my workouts using winstrol and test

I would highly recommend that you avoid using ANYTHING whatsoever.. you have not done 5 seconds of research.. literally if you just type in winstrol side effects you would know this to be an issue.. meaning you did not even bother to research any of this before using it... thats pretty scary to be that careless
I was wondering why my joints hurt so much after I work out especially my elbows.
currently 5’10’’ and 193 pounds and 14% body fat. I’m holding some fat on my frame I would think that would cushion my workouts but it’s not
using winstrol 50mgs a day and testosterone 300mgs a week. Thought they would stack together well but I’m dealing with a lot of issues also my knees are starting to hurt
any advice on what I should do maybe switch out the oral?
Winny do that
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