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Approved Log My 2024 Testosterone Equipoise cycle Log

I bet you feel fantastic as well
More cardio and better food and I feel awesome.
N2guard daily, will be taking both on and off cycle going forward, small price to pay to Mai town better health.
nice to see your diet is on point
Makes all the difference and thank you personally for suggesting eq some time back over teen. I’d like to work hard in this current space before I even consider a full tren cycle.
My bloated abs from 3-4 weeks of heavy eating, should I increase diet to have more food(calories) or just hang tight?
If only I was eating and training and resting like this on my deca run, hmmmm

Would eq pair nicely with deca and test for a bulk cycle, just asking. Both are nor19 but is there any impact of that if you ran with moderate amounts?

Just a question, my cycle is eq/test.
Yes check my log running npp test eq
Yes check my log running npp test eq
Your log is awesome, back workouts are amazing.
Now I want to add no, gotta wait until next time.
When did you notice the eq? I feel like I notice more stamina but then again I’m doing cardio, so maybe both at this point. You look lean , very nice work.
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