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Mixing supplements into blender

blending is just laziness.

eat the foods whole. you lose nutrition obviously when you blend
Blending your supplements into a smoothie can be a convenient and tasty way to incorporate them into your routine. The good news is that blending your supplements with fruits, vegetables, and juice should not significantly degrade their effectiveness. However, there are a few considerations to keep in mind:

  1. Temperature: Avoid using excessively hot liquids in your smoothie, as high temperatures may potentially affect the potency of certain supplements. Room temperature or chilled ingredients are generally recommended.
  2. Oxidation: Some vitamins, particularly vitamin C, can be sensitive to oxidation when exposed to air for extended periods. To minimize this, it's advisable to consume your smoothie shortly after blending.
  3. Mixing creatine: While blending creatine with other ingredients is generally fine, it's worth noting that creatine monohydrate may break down over time when dissolved in liquid. For optimal results, it's often recommended to consume creatine immediately after mixing.
Overall, blending your supplements with fruits, vegetables, and juice is a convenient way to enhance their intake. Just ensure you follow the recommended dosage for each supplement and consider consulting with a healthcare professional or registered dietitian to tailor your supplement routine to your specific needs. Enjoy your nutrient-rich smoothies!