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    best BCAA for recovery

    what are the best bcaa options for me if I want to recover properly after a workout? I’m not doing well post workout, seems like I am struggling to find my size as well I wonder if bcaa’s would help me improve on both fronts any suggestions as there are many out there for sale. Need something...
  2. N

    Best supplements for overall health

    I'm looking to take the best supplements for overall health and longevity is there one that you recommend that I can take daily? I'm currently doing some bcaa’s and multi’s. But i’m hoping i can get on something more powerful that will boost my overall health and longevity
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    Which bcaa to pick?

    I’ve got to pick a bcaa, my personal trainer is making me get 1 or he won’t train me He says to take it during my workout and that it will feed my muscles as i train and give them the nutrition they need to grow and get stronger My choices are: Thorne, amino complex Kion aminos Body health...
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    Vitamin B supplementation

    hello guys I work out three times a week and my goal is to gain more muscle mass. I don't eat bad at all and I stay away from dairy products and gluten my main issue is my energy levels are not very good I'm looking at improving that by taking some vitamin B supplements I'm currently only using...
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    Mixing supplements into blender

    I wanted to keep things easy and makes my supplements up in the blender my options are going to be bcaa’s, creatine, multi vitamin and whey protein powder I was going to use bananas and pineapple juice as my base and then add those in. also going to add in some green vegetables. do you think...
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    Xtend bcaa sport

    Xtend bcaa sport in blue raspberry ice flavor has 7g of bcaa per scoop NSF certified and high in nutrition. They are now selling the stuff on Amazon and it's only about 25 bucks do you recommend I take this pre-workout or should I wait to take it afterwards so that I can recover better?
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    During workout what to drink

    There are some choices as to what I can drink during my workouts I have some supplements to choose from that i found Ryse bcaas focus kool aid X2 performance intra workout Kaged intraw workout energy Or ka chava daily superfood meal replacement I am trying to bulk up and get bigger and trying to...
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    Mixing bcaa’s with food?

    do you think it is a good idea to mix brand chain amino acids with the food that I am consuming everyday for breakfast lunch and dinner? or do you think that I'm supposed to take them by themselves pre-workout or post-workout? just trying to figure out the best options for timing them. a friend...
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    Spending $250 a month on supplements

    I am currently spending way too much money on supplements in my wife is starting to yell at me when she gets the credit card bill lol I weight train five times a week and I do two times a week cardio so I need my supplements to recover what can I drop from my supplement stack? I am doing weight...
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    How do you mix bcaa’s?

    I got some bcaa’s, i want to see how i can mix them and how Can i mix them with my morning coffee or will it degrade them? How about just plain water and mixing with creatine?
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    BCAA with juice

    My morning routine is taking my BCAAs with some orange juice do you think this is a good strategy to help me build up my protein and my minerals and vitamins in my body.
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    Which bcaa’s are best?

    I was wondering which bcaa’s were the best to use? I’m currently sitting right at 250 pounds my goal is to lose weight and gain muscle. I'm not so worried about gaining strength. what do you supplement help me or hurt me
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    Which bcaa brand?

    Which brand of bcaa’s are the best to use I'm debating between using capsules and powders there are so many different options between in the store and also online to choose from. I wasn't sure which one you would recommend
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    bcaa lean energy

    who has used bcaa lean matrix? Its got different bcaa’s in it and beta-alanine supposed to increase energy while you workout. Also has a lot of b vitamins. I’m 21 years old and this is my first supplement I have tried. Wondering if you think it will help me
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    BCAA options, color issue

    When i use BCAA’s Should I be looking for a particular color when I mix them. Meaning if I get something that's different colors and different flavors doesn't it mean that they add a lot of different artificial flavorings to it? where can I get just the plain stuff
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    best brand bcaa’s

    if I want to lose fat and gain some strength which bcaa brand would be best for me should I go with a flavored version or should I get them plain? I’m 30 years old and not very experienced on supplements so need some advice here.
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    waste of supplements

    I had a buddy of mine stop by my house and he looked at my supplement stash cause he wanted to buy some off of me and he said that most of what I had was a waste of money and walked out disgusted. I have creatine, bcaa’s, flavored bcaas, test boosters, and protein powders. Which one of those...
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    Bcaa to get huge?

    I went to a charity walk and afterwards they were giving away free samples of supplements the girl was really nice and she hooked me up with a bunch of grape and apple flavored bcaa’s. she said this stuff makes her boyfriend huge and she said I should take it everyday I took the samples and...
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    Daily supplement stack

    What is your daily supplement stack looking like these days. Right now I'm running potassium citrate, L-Carnitine, bCAa, whey protein isolate, DHEA, and milk thistle. I don't spend that much on supplements because these are pretty cheap. Overall I probably spent about $120 a month. Do you think...
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    Bcaa powder benefits

    What is the differences between taking BCAA powders and taking the BCAA supplements in capsules that are usually sold in supplement stores. I noticed the powders tend to be less ingredients added to them. Is this because if you add ingredients they're no longer stable anymore or is it because...
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