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Methylene Blue experiment


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i'm glad you found something but let me warn you and others about using any sort of upper before a workout. if you keep this up you will become a slave to them and won't be able to workout without them

we saw this for years with people taking DMAA and other stims before workouts. now they cannot even train without them! its very weak and pathetic in my view to need something to train. our ancestors fought battles with no food even, they didn't use anything, they just went and did it. same thing with animals in the wild, do they use things to hunt? no they just go do it.

try to learn to train CLEAN. no food, no stims, no supps, no nothing. i know it doesn't sell and make people commissions to say that but its the way I teach it

Thank you, Steve, about the DMAA and similar stimulants I agree. I would argue, it is okay to use such stimulants from time to time when extra boost is needed in real shitty days. Abusing anything would be off the discussion, it is dangerous.

About Methylene Blue, there is another side of the argument where you can argue, that our ancestors didn't encounter such large doses of endocrine disrupting chemicals and other factors that is affecting the society badly.
Also, the depression part, sadly is not something that is easy to "man up", it feels literally like physical pain sometimes. I would never go back to regular FDA approved antidepressants as it made the things worse. Not the case with Methylene Blue (as it is main reason I use it, just wanted to share with some other benefits.
So exp. Quite with this one. It is used as medication andnantidote in medicine. I use it as alternative to Phenibut to finish the grade and lessen the depessed / burned out feeling. It affects serotonin pathways and also is very effective antioxidant in right doses.

The weird thing is, after 4 months of daily low dose use, I tried it intra workout. And I seemed to notice that the power went up in all my lifts. Could be the placebo, but the weird thing is, if I drink clean water intra workout (without MB) I dont feel the same power.
PS Have not used any PEDs so far.
Only thing I take pre workout is Octadrine

Have somebody tried it? Noticed the similat effects?

Methylene Blue can cause blood thickening thats my only issue with it

otherwise it seems to work well in training as well as recovery

and you're training and dieting but you dont post up a log journal to share with us? please do

Please post a Log Journal asap for us

Please click the anabolic forum
top left, you see: +POST NEW THREAD
click that

in Title: write your cycle name, like> My _____ Cycle Log
___ = the name of your log
example: My Training Log
in body: write your planned cycle or cycle you doing now, your diet, training and we will help you along on your cycle

here are examples of LOG Journals

Will do. The log is in draft. As a stupid perfectionist, I want the first post to include quality information that would benefit not just me, but others.

Also, about the blood thickening, haven't heard of it - is there some new studies? I would be very interested to read on them.
bros i dont use methylene blue i heard it causes cancer and you going to LOG for us?

I think it is the other way around. But it depends, it could be possible if the source is not pharma-grade. As most of the available stuff that is not meant for human consumption contains heavy metals (up to 20%).
would love to see a log on this stuff. I don't know much about it, i have a couple dudes at my gym who take a lot of stuff pre workout and sweat everywhere, we have to follow them around all the time reminding them nicely to please clean up! lol
Like second creatine. My theory is, Im some kind of hyper responder, because I have some kind of impaired function in mitohondria(?) . Finally felt like my 'normal' self.

It works only if I take it rigjt before or intra workout.

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bro on tanker some dudes take some speed when we gotta work on top of oil and 18 hours. someone lose balance or fall asleep end up in hot oil dead
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