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Maximising weight loss

I recently lost over 30 lbs and am on my way to lose about 15-20 more by continuing alternating cardio and weight training. My brother wants to lose about 30-35lbs and has recently joined a gym - but, in addition to calorie deficit, he only plans on swimming (alot of laps) and treadmill everyday - he has been doing this for about 2 weeks now with one day off a week.
Shouldn't he change it up a little, or is swimming considered a form of weight training and treadmill cardio? Shouldn't he have more rest?

Is he losing weight? That's all that counts
hey bro. let's try Fadogia agrestic to help you and your brother to build your muscle. this product has no negative reactions with my other supplements. it gives me bonus energy and works well.
If the goal is purely weight loss, what he is doing is fine. Sure, lifting weights could help speed it up but not necessary for fat loss. Diet is what will make the difference.
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