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Lymes cycle log

log going well, you having energy to train?
Log update:

Been a strange couple weeks. After my last update I took 4 days off gym. My plan was to test if I was more sore or less sore after break. This entire time dealing with lymes shoulder/hip soreness, there was a slight chance that it was due to overtraining. After 2 days off I was WAY more sore, and that caused me to take extra 2 days off. It was very hard to walk or do anything with my arms. Leading me to believe it’s definitely the lymes/PMR causing my pain and not muscle soreness from overtraining. I’m not scheduled with specialist until November, but the treatment for PMR is simply prednisone. (Could be anywhere from 3 months to 3 years) I was able to get my hands on some prednisone to self medicate until I see my specialist. I know there’s many concerns with prednisone but I’m being very careful and on half of the lowest dose. (10mg EOD) since then, I have zero pain and have had tremendous workouts. Even able to lightly train shoulders and legs today. This is the first time in months and first time since adding test, I’m able to train pain free so it’s very exciting. Started fasted am cardio and pm weights today.

I have a couple physically demanding jobs to provide for my family so right now being pain free is very important to me, but I will continue to regulate prednisone at below the lowest dose until I see the specialist. Hopefully they can see me sooner…

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