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LGD 4033 Review


High End Bro
Recenty, Some trusty lab rats of mine who go by the names of " i ", " me ", and " my " have embarked on a triple sarms adventure, including the new sarm LGD 4033.

I'll start off by saying Unique has truly put out an amazing product.

This is my review of LGD 4033, but results may be skewed since I used a few compounds. Since I'm pretty familiar with S4, ill try to separate its results from LGD the best I can.

I started LGD 4033 at 3mg ED and ramped up the dose 1mg every week until i reached 8mg. I was also using S4 at 50mg ED and MK 677 at 25mg ED. I immediately saw slight strength gains. It could have been placebo at the start, but I was plateaued for a few months so its highly unlikely. After one week in, I saw significant strength gains every day. This continued for several weeks as I slowly increased the dose. The gains eventually leveled off around the 5mg mark. I saw some additional gains as i continued to increase though. Very slow and steady, just the way I like it.

If I had to compare this to an aas--and guys, running this compound is like running a mild aas so don't take it lightly--I would compare it to a moderate test dose, maybe with a kicker like tbol but that could be a little exaggerated. I had slight raised estro sides so keep an a.i. on hand. I'm very gyno prone though so others may do fine and be side free. Wouldn't risk it though.

With a solid diet and intense training regiment, you can achieve great things with this. It is much more potent and works much faster than Ostarine at much smaller doses. My reasons for ramping the dose so high and running it for such a long duration was completely experimental to report worst case scenarios as far as sides. I don't recommend anyone run it like I did for now until we are more aware of Its capabilities. If you do, use caution as I did and track your sides and of course, listen to your body.

Price: 9/10
Paid a buck fifty for one bottle--an oral that produced some serious gains. Worth every penny.

Negative Side Effects: 2/10
I did get puffy nips and other raised estrogen sides such as bloat, but I controlled it with forma stanzol and and a low dose of aromasin and it never bothered me. I'm very prone to gyno. You may not see these sides as I did, but definitely keep an A.I. handy.

Lethargy: 1/10
With plenty of sleep, I experienced no lethargic sides

Well-Being: 10/10
Great feelings all day.

Strength: 7/10
Anavar is 10/10, so a 7/10 is a pretty fair score if you ask me! Pushed through months of plateaus in no time.

Size: 7/10
If dbol were 10/10 in size, then this is a fair judgment. The appearance of my physique increased in a matter of a week and dramatically changed after a few weeks with slow and steady gains.

Fat Loss: 7/10
Had decent fat loss even when surplussing cals. But I used S4 too so keep this in mind.

Vascularity: 8/10

Aggression: 7/10
Very alpha in the gym

Energy: 9/10
No jitters, but great sense of well-being and motivation, much like its sarm brothers.

Recovery: 8/10
Not quite like aas, but close. I rarely experienced DOMS

Pumps (good): 8/10
I looked pretty jacked all day

Pumps (bad): 1/10
No painful pumps at all

Cardio: 8/10
Sarms have once again proven to be cardio gods

Appetite: 10/10
I never stopped eating the first three weeks of this cycle. Hunger pains all day

Bulker: 10/10
With the gains and hunger i experienced, it would shine here.

Cutter: 6/10
Could easily help in aiding muscle retention during a cal deficit and still make gains, but I could not successfully cut on this compound until the last several weeks from the hunger.

Blood Pressure: 10/10
No negative effects on BP, and I have hypertension.

Increased Libido: 8/10
Above par

Testicular Atrophy: 1/10
Balls hung the whole cycle

Dong Size: 1/10
Fucker won't grow!!!!

Now for my badass pct!!

PCT (weeks 8-12)

Forged Liver 8-12
Forged Post Cycle 8-12
Keto Burn 8-12
Test Infusion 8-12
Methyl EAA 8-12
Forma Stanzol 8-14
Creatine 8-whenever
Ostarine 25mg 8-12
GW 20mg 8-16
MK 677 25mg - several months

Honestly, this compound would probably have yielded many of the same results in the 2-5mg range. Raising the dose didn't really seem to produce more gains. They came steadily and i know ill be able to maintain them. Just like aas, start with a moderate dose and if you plateau, slightly increase but remain vigilant of potential sides.

Overall I'd recommend this to the healthy, serious rat as a (hopefully) safe alternative to aas.
Thanks for the review, been waiting for some decent feedback on this. Now for the GW did you happen to experience any vision sides while taking GW? My crab tells me his contacts get real dry and blurry no matter what and have to wear his glasses instead after taking GW.

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I didn't take gw on cycle. Ill be using it in pct.
Thanks for a great review, bro!

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Awesome review man
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