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Leaning up for summer?

I am currently in a leaning process again. I've maintained my fitness over the years then building a home and Covid set me back. I'm back at it now and feeling much better. Though after a few straight years of diet, working out and being a father has made it truly hard to make bulking a thing for me. I have a good frame. Good chest, arms and back for starters anyhow but I want to see what's going on. I'm 44 and I'm interested in learning about doing a few cycles to add some weight on after this next and last month of slimming.

So I'm here to learn how to maybe put together a cycle to improve my size.

Yes summer is finally here.

I was thinking possibly dianabol cycle but I'm here to learn more so I'm not sure yet.

Got a Harley last summer and I'm ready to break it out.

Good meeting you guys.
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