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Leaning up for summer?

I am currently in a leaning process again. I've maintained my fitness over the years then building a home and Covid set me back. I'm back at it now and feeling much better. Though after a few straight years of diet, working out and being a father has made it truly hard to make bulking a thing for me. I have a good frame. Good chest, arms and back for starters anyhow but I want to see what's going on. I'm 44 and I'm interested in learning about doing a few cycles to add some weight on after this next and last month of slimming.

So I'm here to learn how to maybe put together a cycle to improve my size.

Yes summer is finally here.

I was thinking possibly dianabol cycle but I'm here to learn more so I'm not sure yet.

Got a Harley last summer and I'm ready to break it out.

Good meeting you guys.
you need test in your cycle and you cant take that much winny either....did you do any research??
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