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Just turned 30, need more gains

I am same same height, same age group. Also considering the first cycle after 10+ of years training. From research I did, for the first cycle, you should aim for simplicity. I will do my first cycle with testosterone enanthate only (250 or 500 mg) +PCT. I will log how it goes. You should log it too.

Also, are you sure your training and diet is on point before starting this road?


Good reply
You do not need steroids to gain more size. What drew you to that conclusion?
If only the ones who actually needed steroids to grow used it, alot of sources would be looking at a grim future.
I bet very few of the ppl in here(definitely me included) was anywhere near their max natural limitations when starting to use steroids, so to me it seems rather hypocritical to be answering this guy this way.

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You do not need steroids at 30, trust me. Guys start to make their best gains once they get into their 30s. You can certainly say that you want steroids.
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