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  1. N

    Primobolan for lean gains or a waste?

    I'm reading a lot of older posts and it seems like guys you still primobolan more in the 90’s vs. today Most of the modern bodybuilders think its a waste of money What is your view on this i am genuinely curious before i spend my money on it my stats are 6'1 in 170 lb and I am 8% body fat. I...
  2. JimAbs43

    Podcast 525 - How to keep gains and why do you lose gains? 525 - How to keep gains and why do you lose gains?
  3. R

    best supplements for major gains

    I'm currently about 128 lb 5 ft 6 in 21 years old I'm looking to make some major gains and bulk up which supplements would you recommend that I start taking in conjunction with working out?
  4. H

    Just turned 30, need more gains

    I'm 30 years old and I weigh 198 lb at 6 ft 3 in I think that I can definitely put on more size, but i need steroids to do it I was looking into doing some sustanon with dianabol Would 500mgs of sust and 30mgs a day dbol be a good dose for 10 weeks? or should I switch to something else?
  5. D

    Classic sarms bridge cycle

    Check this one out and let me know what you think I am coming off running testosterone and equipoise getting a lot of good gains and the cycle is finishing up and I want to keep my hard earned results I know that gw is a good option but what else should I use it has to be something that...
  6. V

    Keep gains after sarms

    I have ran 3 sarm cycle so far the first two cycles I gain between 6 and 7 lb the third time I gained 5 lb pretty happy with these results but the problem is each time I come off I lose all my gains. Someone said that that's normal and I should consider just staying on your round and before...
  7. P

    Need an Anavar shepherd

    Considering a run of 10mg/day (5 and 5) of Anavar for strength and I need a shepherd to make sure that I am doing this 100% correctly Me: 5'5 135# 39 yo Female powerlifter (10 years) and crossfitter (2 years) (don't hate, each one makes you better at the other...if only people would get that)...
  8. G

    Muscle memory, stress, depression...

    Hi all, Been lurking around on here for a long time soaking up knowledge and experiences - thought I'd finally make my first post, sorry if it's long. My stats are: 6'0, 82kg, BF: approx 20%, 26 years old. Starting around 10 years ago I trained for 4 years (3 years serious training), using 3...
  9. R

    Test cyp ,tren ace ,and winstrol (orals)

    Hello everyone, I just started my cycle a week ago. Im doing 500mg of test cyp (mon and thursday) tren ace first 2 weeks gonna pin 75mg eod then up the dosage to 100mg eod. For 10 weeks. In case youre wondering why im starting with 75mg is because this is my first time in the tren world. My...
  10. L

    First PH cycle

    What's up fellas? Long time lurker, first time poster on the forum. As the title says, I'm looking to start my first PH cycle of Helladrol soon. Stats: Been lifting seriously 4-5 years Age:21 Height:6'3'' Weight:210 bf %: Around 12 Bench:340 Squat:350 Dead:440 Really looking for strength and...
  11. N

    My ANAVAR only cycle LOG...detailed

    Yo whatup boys and girls. I love this forum and its helped me out heaps with both AAS and nonAAS related topics. So I thought I’d make a log of my FIRST cycle ever. ANAVAR. Yes I understand that an anavar only cycle is not the best first cycle but theres a few reasons as to why I didn’t...
  12. Lou Super Man 123

    Do you have any study about if Finasteride hinders gains or not?

    Hey guys, I'm just looking for some study or scientific article about if Finasteride does or does not hinder gains. If you know some let me know, I will really apreciate that. Thanks.
  13. D

    pct on test cycle in uk

    i am trying to set up my pct as coming off cycle of test e soon..... i was going to use hcgenerate and unleashed along with a natural test booster and a milk thistle only problem is the two products listed below, i can not get shipped to the uk.. so has anyone got any alternatives i can use...
  14. D

    gains off test e

    hellllo everybody i am on my first cycle of test, i am planning on doing 10 weeks on then 10 off. 1ml a week of 350 test. what gains can i expect if my diet and trainning are on point which they are. i was going to add another steroid in aswell on the next cycle, but the question is...
  15. W

    New to everything looking for gains with sustanon 250

    I'm new to using any type of body enhancers and a friend has recommended using sustanon 250, is this recommended and how much/often should I be using ? Thanks in advance guys. Male Aged 22 Height 5ft 9 Weight 11 stone Build small/medium
  16. Lou Super Man 123

    Anadrol Net Gains / Muscle Gains / Dry Gains

    Hey pals, how is it going? Just have this question about Anadrol that doesn't seem to have been answered properly. How much muscle or net gains or dry gains can a guy expect to gain on an Anadrol cycle? Let's say it is your first cycle and let's say that you do Anadrol at 50 mg per 6 weeks, it...
  17. D

    Tren + Test E / Trying to get the most out of it!

    I started my Tren and Test Enanthate cycle this week, doing 1cc Tren and 2cc Test a week. I have ran numerous cycles in the past and always had great gains, but I want this cycle to be the one where I shoot through the roof! I have been lifting serious for about 2 years now and I consider myself...
  18. T

    Test E/Tren E Cycle Critique

    Hey all, I'm new to these boards but I've been reading them for a few years. I'm running my 4th cycle, (2nd with Tren) in the next few weeks need your help. Stats: 21 6'3" 270lbs 13% BF Diet in check Training 6 times a week + cardio (HIIT or stationary bike) 3-5 times a week I'm looking to...
  19. R

    Opinion: what do you think is a more effective empi-stane or havoc

    Looking for some opinions here, what do you guys feel is a more effecive ph RPN's Havoc or mr supps epi-stane. in terms of mass sides and keepable gains.
  20. S

    Calling all female body builders!!Advice Needed!! Newbie!!

    Hi guys!, My name is Leanne and I am really interested in body building but I dont know where to start. I have recently lost 3 stone and I am now 12st 6 (5ft8" tall) and have a BMI of 26. I am stuck in diet mode - scard to eat to much in fear of gaining weight again :worried: but all of the...