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Intro / Cycle Advice


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EF loves and welcomes oldschool brothers
but you know you asking about cycles without showing us your log, so if we answer its generic no real substance
EF oldschool VET yea baby!
sustanon my thing I pin 750mgs every 2 weeks as my TRT but you should LOG LOG LOG LOG NOW
once we follow log we lay out cycle in a few weeks
i would not do it
Welcome back brother đź’Ş definitely get a log going for everyone so we can help out along the way!
Hey Everyone,

I recently joined although used to be a member back on here in the late 90s early 2000s when The Ranger, Texas Man, Huckleberry Fin, CoolHandLuke and a few others were around.

I am back, 45 years old now and at around 10-12% bf. I am looking to cut although will be traveling to France. While I have no worries taking in orals with me, I am a little concerned of taking vials.

I was planning to simply take an amp of sust every 12 days (purely cause I don't want to take large quantity of amps), 60mg of anavar, ECA and T3. I have a few medical conditions for which I always take meds where ever I go and have never been stopped once - some of them controlled meds which I have a script for. I am worried about doing a var only cycle without test but also very concerned airport security on arrival scan my suitcase and find the 10 amps I plan on taking with me.

So how bad would the var only cycle be? I would never normally consider this but under the circumstances, think it might be better. Main concern is not feeling sexual drive, not getting an errection and feeling depressed with a shut down of my natural test.

France customs says I can take up to 3 months supply without a script but if the scan shows the amps and as a result they search the suitcase and find the t3 and navar, I am concerned. Clearly they will then know it isn't just HRT. Maybe I am over thinking. Anyone knows or can offer some insight in to either France customs or anavar without test and how bad I might feel? Thanks amillion!
you can do that but I think its a waste to not run an inj with it....
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