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In grad school and cycling steroids

for sure trenbolone a bad idea for you, 300-500mgs testosterone is a better choice
No go tren out the gate I don't like when people shoot straight for a compound like that. Your receptors are still fresh and have alot of potential. I would rather see you start slow and do a testosterone only cycle for the first time around.

Imo a good starting point is 300mg for a test only cycle if just starting out, don't dive in head first definitely No with tren and No to something harsh like anadrol for your first go around.

Plenty of quality sources on here to chose from.
Topps is correct
Working out is so important for me cuz I am in graduate school and it's so stressful
that's the best time for me to kind of let my mind relax when I am in the gym grinding away
I'm 26 years old now and I'm currently 5'9 and I'm 80 kg
my body fat is definitely under 15% but I'm not sure exactly I'll have to get that tested
I've been training for about 6 to 7 years and I would like to try steroids
I most interested in trenbolone, anadrol or testosterone
your too young
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