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PuritySourceLabs If you are NOT receiving emails or updates about your orders PLEASE READ!

when will this be fixed? please tell us
This has always been issue for years... mostly with the providers below.
All customers have to do is check spam, most notifications will go to spam, this happens with a lot of providers.
also, depending on what VPN server people are using ...

If you are NOT receiving updates or a response from Customer Service, Please read below.

Please update your accounts with Tutanota as your NEW account email provider, it's more user friendly,
compared to other providers that have a tendency for blocking emails or spamming incoming messages..
Do NOT use YAHOO as they have just recently been problematic for many other email hosts with transactions back & forth.

Do not use these emails either such as AOL, Hotmail, Hushmail, Proton, MSN,
Live and Outlook and YAHOO.
We suggest Tutanota as the best and most reliable and
user friendly email provider with our service.

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