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how to use clen as a female

If you want to use Clen I recommend you start light and work your way up slowly. I also recommend you talk to your doctor and make sure you do not have any underlying heart conditions that could be complicated.

Typically you get good results with a dosing of 20-40 mcg a day.

This is a typical ramp up to the maximum a female should take of 80 mcg a day.
Week 1: (At any time if you start to be too jittery or sick step back to the last dosage you could tolerate to finish cycle.)
Day 1-3: take 10 mcg a day
Day 4-5: take 20 mcg a day
Day 6-7: take 30 mcg a day

Week 2:
Day 1-3: take 40 mcg a day
Day 4-6: take 50 mcg a day
Day 7: take 60 mcg a day

Week 3:
Day 1-2: take 60 mcg a day
Day 3-7: take 70 mcg a day

Week: 4 jump to 80 mcg a day and finish out a maximum of 6 week cycle

Take at least 2 weeks off between cycles and make sure blood pressure drops back down to pre Clenbuterol levels between cycles. On a future cycles you can start closer to your max tolerance and work your way to that point quicker.
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