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    protein for losing weight ?

    Can you really take protein powder to lose weight or is there another way you can take protein to do the deed I’ve read that carbs are your enemy and you should increase protein intake that will give you the best benefits when it comes to getting results how do I do this with supplements though?
  2. V

    trying to lose some weight on sarms

    here definitely always been the bigger dude in school got bullied a lot but I did play football and was an offensive lineman. Won’t say I was any good but I could block some of the other bigger dudes on the other team which sarms would you recommend for me to lose weight? I’m in my late 20’s and...
  3. Q

    how to use clen as a female

    I’m looking to use clen obviously to lose weight as a female was reading some celebrities have used them with success can you recommend where to get it and how much I should use? I’m 167 pounds and 5’4’’ .. I’m curvy and want to lose some size to get more men
  4. D

    Using clen as a female

    Was a big fan of britney spears back in the day She actually grew up in the same town i am from too in the deep south and we went to the same church and stuff Anyway was reading how she took clenbuterol when she was younger and it helped her lose weight I would like to do the same thing I’m...
  5. K

    Dropping weight with sarms help

    I'm currently 275 lb and I'm 5 ft 8 in I need to lose a lot of weight I'm too big 35 years old I'm going to fix my diet too i promise can you help me with a sarms stack to lose fat
  6. O

    Best sarms for solo guy

    I want to run something by itself Sarms are going to be my option I’m 5’6’’ 234 pounds and fat I would like to lose a lot of weight and get down to a level where I can see my penis when I pee. that is my main goal I'm 50 years old Cannot afford more than 1 sarms. Which one should i use?
  7. F

    Supps to burn fat

    I’m 280 pounds and 6’1’’ i need to lose some weight here What are the best supplements that directly burn fat without side effects I’m looking for a cheap option that is safe
  8. M

    Knee and joint issues

    I'm currently having a lot of joint issues My knee and elbow hurts I’m wondering if there is a solution aside from stopping weight training all together because the pain is getting too much. I hope there is a supplement I can start using
  9. C

    How much to dose anavar?

    Female of course 5’5’’ 142 pounds Had a baby 6 months ago Looking to drop weight and harden up more I was 126 before the baby How do i dose anavar oxandrolone? And how long?
  10. D

    Plenity weight loss

    I read a little bit about this stuff it cost $100 a month it's supposed to be a natural way to lose weight and you take the supplement and it's supposed to drop at least 5% of your body weight anyone heard of this and what information do you have on it
  11. N

    Bigger guy sarms cut

    254 pounds and 6’1’’ I could stand to lose some weight. 10 years ago i was in a car accident and had to struggle since then just to exercise now I want to make my come back. Which sarms should i use?
  12. R

    Weight loss PED recommendations for women

    I'm looking for a list and maybe a setup of a PED program i can do to help me lose weight I have a wedding I am going to in 2 months and i want to look good for it maybe you can recommend an 8-week run. I’m 5’8’’ and 184 pounds. If i can lose 30-40 pounds would be great
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    HGH cycle

    nobody on here ever talks about human growth hormone enough. I've seen the commercials on TV where it can make you a totally different person and reverse aging. Also I heard from a friend that it helped him lose a lot of weight and he even has abs in his 50s. I’m 48 years old 5’6’’ and...
  14. L

    Mixing clen/var to cut down female

    I'm a female and I am 155 lb I have some baby weight that I'm trying to get rid of that has not gone away a friend of mine mentioned that she had a lot of success cutting down on clenbuterol and anavar stack she said that I should look into that but she wasn't able to give me more...
  15. J

    40 year old female steroids

    I want to use some steroids to lose weight to give me the body of a 25 year old again I'm currently 5 ft 4 in and I weigh 170 lb if I can drop 20 lbs on this cycle that would be ideal I have never used steroids before. Can you suggest a place I can buy them and which one to pick
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    Weight gainer question

    why do most people on line hate weight gainers and say that they're not good for us isn't it good calories if you're trying to bulk? I'm currently taking a weight gainer and I've already gained 3 pounds in one week. There was no way I could do the same thing just by eating more
  17. S

    looking to lose fat

    please don’t give me hate, I am looking for good honest advice. I want to lose 30 pounds in the next month. I am currently down 40 pounds from my high and am going in the right direction but loss has stalled which sarms can I run safely to get this extra weight off?
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    Dislocated shoulder

    I was doing some weight training and the bar got jerked over my head when I did a press and something felt weird. I finished my workout and then the next day I went to the doctor. They did X-rays and they said I dislocated my shoulder. I don't know how long I'll be out but I don't want to waste...
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    best diet for bulk

    I want to gain a lot of weight fast, I am super skinny can someone give me a diet that I can get on that I can gain 30 pounds quickly? I’m 144 pounds and 6’1’’ also if I do it will I need to stick to that diet after that and keep gaining or will I lose my gains over time.
  20. F

    best supplement to add 10 pounds fast

    which supplement would you pick if you were a skinny carrot trying to gain weight? I’m currently 6’4’’ and only weigh 167 pounds. I think I can put on 10 pounds fast with the help of a supplement. Which ones are good for this? Should I get a weight gainer?
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