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high liver and kidney!


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Hello everyone, got some bad news from doc yesterday and need some advice. I just had labs ran, and I was 10 weeks post cyce doing 250mg Test E and 200mg Tren E. I had doc run a test check because libido had been low. Doc said Test was high and also said liver and kidneys were really high. He insisted I come off everything I'm on and check again in a month. My issue with that is I'm 2 pins in on a new cycle. So my first question is, what do I do about that? Another ? I am also taking a pre, intra, and post wo stimulant. If I cut back on that should that help?? My doc is cool and knows I cycle but I'm worried about the results being high 10weeks post. So my plans r to stop EVERYTHING and start milk thistle, but dunno if I should retest or not. Any input, suggestions, recommendations would be appreciated.
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