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  1. K

    Kidney strain

    My doctor said i have kidney strain, that isn’t good I did steroids for 5 years almost Non-Stop and think I did a lot of damage however he is pretty sure that I will be okay but he said that I should stay away from steroids for a while. what supplements can I take to speed things along to repair...
  2. W

    Best benefits for organs

    what is the best supplement to help with our heart and kidneys? I know they take a beating when we use steroids. I want to see what you thought would be the best course of action to try and get my kidney numbers down I’m currently working with my PT and he is curious too
  3. M

    female kidney stones and AAS

    I was diagnosed with kidney stones which was a scary thing cause I thought it was something more serious. Thankfully I should be okay my question is would steroids have contributed for me getting them and do you think my chances of getting stones again are high or low?
  4. R

    Too much protein bad for liver

    is too much protein bad for our liver or kidneys I was talking to my doctor the other day and he said that my kidney values were elevated and he blamed my high protein diet for that. The thing is I don't really think I eat a lot of protein. I might have one or two meals a day that have chicken...
  5. E

    Using alcohol and steroids

    I'm just wondering is it that bad to use alcohol and steroids together. I know that steroids are not good for the kidneys and liver, but I wonder specifically does alcohol make the steroids convert to estrogen at a higher rate than they normally would? Let's say I were to drink one or two beers...
  6. J

    pain in my kidney area

    Hey I am having pain in my kidney area when I workout, it is like a side stitch type of pain. Someone told me it has to do with breathing issues, but when I got bloodwork done indeed my kidney values were out of range by a bit. How do I get my kidneys back in range and do you recommend a...
  7. J

    Please help? Lower back/kidney pain?

    Hello, I am posting this for my boyfriend who does not have internet access. He has had this lower back pain ever since last week when he was doing squats and he felt a pain while doing so. After a while, the pain continued and now (after a week), he told me that the pain is the worst it's ever...
  8. bringingthewood

    IYO What Is The Best Supplement For Kidney Support?

    Hello, I have a bunch of opinions for what the best supplement is for liver support, but in your opinion. What is the best supplement for kidney support? Thanks for any info you can give.
  9. U

    high liver and kidney!

    Hello everyone, got some bad news from doc yesterday and need some advice. I just had labs ran, and I was 10 weeks post cyce doing 250mg Test E and 200mg Tren E. I had doc run a test check because libido had been low. Doc said Test was high and also said liver and kidneys were really high. He...
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