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High Blood Pressure Issues

your kidneys need liver guard like n2guard and you need to modify testosterone dose until you get bp under control

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So did your doc do multiple tries? Or just the one? Get a blood pressure monitor yourself, so you can test while home not stressing.
Systolic at 157 is on the high side, but could it also be due to white coat syndrome?
Diastolic at 80 is not bad at all.
Dropping from 600 to 500 test wont do much difference.

I'd check the BP over time and see whats what. Unless you aromatize and bloat like crazy I don't think 5-600mg of test would raise your BP that bad without any other underlying issues.
Also control that estrogen with a proper ai.

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1. do you know what you are doing here?? why have you not once brought up estrogen? thats more than likely very high with the high and UNNECESSARY amount of test you are using and THAT is the likely culprit

2. NOONE would do more than laugh at arimistane as an ai with test here...

3. high estrogen will absolutely cause you to have high blood pressure and aromasin is what will be the most help however without those numbers and the proper bloodwork, you are just "guessing" at everything, which is the worst thing you could ever do
Is really 5-600mg per week really that much though? I'd call that a normal cycle thats often adviced for a beginner in here by many.
Poor estrogen-control I'll agree on.
I wouldn't say his BP is THAT bad though, I'll bet you can deduct some of it due to white-coat syndrome.

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I've reviewed the other posts about this here on the boards and I was hoping someone could provide some insight. I'm running 600mgs Test C weekly and when I saw the doc I had high blood pressure. 157/80. I'm definitely dropping to 500mgs weekly but I noticed some folks saying that upping Arimidex might help lower BP. I'm already taking .25mg EOD but I also see that a side of Armidex itself is high blood pressure. I'm debating dropping the dex and replacing with Arimistane or should I up it to .5mg EOD first and see what happens? Thanks in advance.

I cannot assure it will reduce any BP, Of course Adex can also reduce water build up which there it can help to reduce some sort Build BP, I advise reduce your Dosing and keep your BP monitored,
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