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using tren and test and blood pressure is high

your blood pressure won't improve if you are retaining water keep that in mind
Of course it’s high. Drop the test down some and throw out the tren. I’d say you’re way undersized to run tren and inexperienced
I’m doing tren 50mgs EOD and test at 500mgs a week.. doing cypionate with the test so pinning it twice a week only
anyway my blood pressure clocked in at 155 over 112
I’m also having issues with my breathing
another issue is insomnia
I’m 27 years old and getting worried
not a big guy either. I’m only 180 pounds and never had bp issues
should I get on blood pressure medication and should I start taking sleep drugs what do I do from here to limit these side effects
you should drop the tren and cut the test back to 350mg are you taking an AI
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