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Hi All.....I am back

Bikini Mod

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After my trip to the Arnolds, I took a business/pleasure (no husband and NO KIDS!) trip out to Colorodo to take some test shots. Two weeks turned into 3 when a lab destroyed some of my film. Anyways, I have spent the last several days catching up responding to emails and GEEZE!...I am still not unpacked!

Anyways, I wanted to let the board members that I am living proof that not only can you NOT build a better body by doing TOO much cardio, not doing enough or doing INSUFFICIENT strength training, add to that a SHITTY diet and BLAMO - you can QUICKLY DESTROY a half-way decent body too!

GOD! While I was away I did not have access to a REAL GYM. Only had some piss-poor pathetic excuse for some type of Universal-type weighted cable combination thing...GOD DID IT BLOW CHUNKS!....and a treadmill, precore, stairmaster and recumbant bike. I started off dieting, only drinking one night (OH MY GOODNESS, can you say V-O-M-I-T! As far as I am concerned Tequila is a four letter word.), did some hiking, and tried to combine some calisthenics (pushups, dips, etc) with the sad-ass excuse for equipement the hotel that I was staying at had.

Well as the days turned into a couple of weeks, there was more ice cream, a little more drinking (Although I did keep that under control. You only need to get sick ONCE in a great while to remind you why you shouldn't drink so much in the first place, hehe.) and basically more cardio than anything else because it was just too damned depressing not to be able to use REAL dumbbells and stuff. God, I NEVER thought that I would miss a squat or a deadlift THAT BADLY!

In any event....I only gained a couple of pounds, but it was NOT lean mass. Shit, I lost size *sniff* from my legs mostly. Then, to make matter worse I opened up an old email that New@gettinbig sent me and attached was a pic of her, me and Valentina. (New@gbig - GIRL YOU BLEW MY MIND! What an amazing physique on you!! and such a sweet girl! Thank you for coming to find me. The pleasure was all mine!) God, I was about 128# at 12.6%bf (had it tested at the show) now I am about 132# and my mirror is saying 14-15%!!!

I got back to the gym on Tue and the strength in my legs has sharply DECREASED *sniff*, but since then I have lifted chest and bis, delts and tris - here my strength has not diminished AT ALL.

So I am guessing that in that short period of time (3 weeks) too much cardio (hiking, stairmaster, precore and treadmill), shitty diet, insufficient strength training have SUCCESSFULLY TORN MY ALREADY SORRY LEGS DOWN!

So then, for all those who are still confused about cardio/weights/diet....get it straight! The only way to change the shape of your body is to LIFT WEIGHTS - EAT WELL - AND SOME CARDIO!!!!

Maybe FC and IG can put my sorry ass back on the right track in the gym tomorrow.

View[/img] knows no pain.
temple, warlobo didn't call women dogs did he??? oh that's a sad day.. you would think he would know better! warlobo, have you learned nothing from being a moderator on a womens board? shame, shame on you! your a naughty boy!!
but i am very happy to see you back bikinimom! By the way it was very nice to see your article in Iron Man. i think i can speak for quite a few people when we say "Good Job, and congradulations"!!!
Don't blame Lobo...He hung around Ranger for a bit, and some of the bad habits may have rubbed off a mite...Heh heh heh

Yes, Blue he did say that - hurt my feelings real bad and he didn't even say he was sorry - just laughed at me for crying and accused me of being hormonal. Don't know if I'll ever get over it being that I am so sensitive and all.
Welcome back sweetie! Congrats too! :)

I'm a bitch! So what! Deal with it! How long did it take for you to figure that out?
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