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Grocery shopping!

Night Fly

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Okay...if I am gonna do this diet...I wanna do it right. What do I need to buy at the grocery store to satisfy my dieting needs?

Also, what should I buy at GNC for supplements. I am on hydroxycut and multis now...that's it, though.

I REALLY want to do this! I would appreciate anyones imput!
First of all don't get your supplements at GNC, they are expensive! Order online, it is easy and cheaper., and there are others. As far as food....I love to grocery shop! Chicken, tuna, fish, lean red meat, ground turkey, yams, oatmeal, salad mix, potatos, rice, eggs, cottage cheese, veggies etc. Personally I think Hydroxycut is expensive and you have to take like 12 pills!!! ECA is effective as well as others. Goodluck :)
I'd substitute turkey breast (whole or turkey Store tenderloins) for the ground turkey-- lower fat and no skin added in. Greens, like mustard greens, spinach, etc. go a long way in filling you up without adding fat or too many carbs.I'd pass on white potatoes, as well.
You might also research in terms of buying direct from a local butcher...sometimes you can get great deals on normally expensive items. Or you can buy say chicken breasts with the skin on and skin them yourself. (Less cost) Try to avoid the prepackaged frozen breast in big plastic bags - they are loaded with salt. Also you might try low sodium tuna or the albacore kind rather than "light". Low sodium tuna is pricey but tastes a lot better. At the very least rinse your cans of tuna before you eat. That goes for any canned food - rinsing helps remove some of the sodium content.

I find its less expensive to buy whole heads of lettuce/veggies etc and cut them up myself rather than buy the precut/premixed stuff. Plus you get tons more! Some of my favorites are fresh green beans/broccoli/cauliflower. I chop them all up over the weekend so its easy to grab and steam with my evening protein.

Also things like pearled barley, lentils, split peas (in the bags) are really cheap.

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