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Going with yk11 and rad140 with ACP

I used ACP wasnt too impressed.

I had better results with this cycle
20mgs cardarine/ed
25mgs testolone/ed
50mgs ostarine/ed
10mgs yk11/ed
7caps n2guard/ed
Don’t see anyone running ACP-105 anymore, did it fall out of favor or just a gimmick?
Would like to try it but with a stack
How much would you recommend i use with yk11 5mgs and rad 10mgs a day?
My plan was 8 weeks but now I'm reading you should really run it at least 10 weeks
I'm 6 ft 4 and I weigh 195 lb. my goals are to gain lean muscle mass
I would go 10-12 weeks bro and I would add GW to the mix
Dylan has it all covered for you! I recommend Umbrella Labs or Sarms4Sale for the best quality SARMS and peptides!
Definitely give it a try man. It is one of the newer products out there and lots of guys like to stick with the old ones that they are familiar with so there are not as many reviews as something like Ostarine for example.
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