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Glutamine and BCAA in my whay/Casein


New member
Hey EF. I have a question i hope you can answer for me.

I just got my Whey and Casein Protein today.
Also i got L-Glutamine and BCAA.

But both my whey and casein contains BCAA and glutamine and other amino acids.

So should i run BCAA and Glutamine with my whey and casein. Or will i get enough of it, in my protein supplements?


New member
I wouldn't necessarily mix them because whey has a very good aminos acid profile containing bcaas, etc. Def. use them though. I love to mix some bcaas in my pre workout. Makes a huge difference. Use the glutamine for recovery purposes. Imo you really can't get to much of either. Glutamine is the most prevalent aminos in your muscle tissue and bcaas make up a huge chunk as well (about 16%).

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