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Getting proper dosages on test+ var+ AI’s

that's a good cycle but I would swap in tbol instead of var and save $$$
I'm not too much of a fan of test at that dose. I would go higher and add an AI
I think you'll get good results on test and VAR
42 years old, 177 pounds and 5’11’’
first time using both test and anavar in the same cycle.
Want to make sure I am running the doses optimally for a recomp
right now I got test cyp at 250mgs a week and anavar at 70mgs a day. I have 10mg pills and plan on doing 3-4 in the Am and 3-4in the PM.
How much AI do you think I will need on this stack if I run it 10 weeks?
50mg is a lot better. Only need to go higher if competing
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