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Get Serious About Bodybuilding


Write Down Your Goals – and BE SPECIFIC!
The probability of achieving a goal that isn’t specific or measurable is just about as likely to happen as a goal without a plan. So you want to get jacked? How so - how many inches do you want to gain within the next year? Want to lose weight - how many pounds? Want to run more – how many miles per week?
The key to achieving goals is to write them down, have a plan, then follow through. Along with being measurable, you should also set milestones for those goals. It’s especially helpful if you keep your written goals somewhere you can see them often – background on your computer, taped to the fridge, on a whiteboard at your desk, for instance. Seeing your goals often will serve as a continuous reminder to what you’re working for and will make you more likely to stick to them!

Join a Quality Gym
Success breeds success, which is why certain types of gyms like hardcore gyms usually have members who are more fit and built than your average Planet Fitness members.
Not all gyms are the same, and you should avoid gyms who have subpar, outdated, or ill-maintained equipment; or members who barely put in any effort. A gym like this is not likely to offer the energy, support, or equipment you need to achieve your goals.
Maybe you justify your lackluster gym based on the low-cost, or perhaps its only a 5-minute drive from home. Adjust your budget, wake up a little earlier, and start going to a facility that has serious members, an energetic atmosphere, and where the equipment has been maintained and carefully chosen (and not just 4 massive lines of cardio machines with few or no weight machines, free weights, benches, barbells, or plates).

Use Your Hatred as Fuel for the Things You Hate
Okay so you hate doing walking lunges? Sorry but it’s time to suck it up and just do them. Maybe its not lunges but its something else, start incorporating these exercises that aren’t necessarily your favorite into your workout, use your hatred as fuel, and get it done. The gains you make and mental toughness you develop from pushing yourself will be highly rewarding.
Now in most cases, there’s no excuse for intentionally skipping certain exercises, and chances are the ones you’ve been skipping are the ones your body needs the most. Of course, a legitimate reason to avoid a certain exercise is if that exercise is dangerous to you, you’ve been injured doing it in the past, or if it’s going to aggravate an existing or previous injury.

Try Out New Things

Unfortunately, with weight training, our muscles can quickly get used to normal routines, which over time can make your sessions less effective. To avoid stagnation, incorporate at least one new exercise each week. It can either be something you’ve never tried before, or maybe something you just haven’t done in years. Pick one exercise and replace one of your usual movements that you do often.
This doesn’t mean that every week your program needs an overhaul, just a small change once a week unless you have been doing the same routine for a longer period with minimal progress.

Gather Support
Finding a training partner, who is like-minded, has similar goals, and is as serious about their goals as you are can be challenging, but genuinely there are fellow meatheads who are looking for a training and accountability partner. Working out with someone who has your back and wants you to succeed can be highly motivating. And in turn, offering that mutual support so you can both get in those gains will be fulfilling.
You want to avoid people who are always late, ghosts you, lacks motivation, or slows you down too much. But finding someone that is committed and motivated is worth it!

Hire a Good Coach
Having a good coach, who is trained in nutrition and training, can assess your specific needs, goals, and stats, can really put you miles ahead.
A quality coach can develop a nutrition plan and training program that is guaranteed to get you results. Just make sure you do your research on who you hire, because not everyone has the experience or knowledge to get you exactly where you want to be. If you can find a coach who has a proven record of helping clients achieve similar goals to yours, that very well may be a good coach for you. Coaches don’t always come cheap, but for the most part you get what you pay for. A good coach is well worth it though.

Work Harder on the Body Parts You Neglect
Typically, if you hate working out a specific body part, its probably the one you need to work harder on. Often our body parts that are lagging behind are doing just that because we’ve given up on training them, or half-assing those workouts.
Think about what muscle group you wish was stronger or more developed and aim to hit that muscle group consistently. You’ll be surprised at the changes in physique and mindset when you press the issue.

Amp Up Your Diet
Okay, so maybe “amp” isn’t the right word… but a little tweak in diet can lead to big changes in your energy, hormones, composition, or bodily functions.
Maybe you’ve been going light on the carbs, but you’re finding that your energy is not as good as it once was. Or maybe you’re not getting your fats from the most nutritious sources, so try to eat more raw nuts, salmon, olive oil, avocado, etc.
If you’re consistently hitting benchmarks and you feel great, there may be no changes needed in your diet, but trying out new and nutritious food is always a good idea.

Try New Supplements
While achieving a strong and fit body naturally is possible, it is also extremely difficult. Perhaps in 2021 and 2022 you can think of trying supplements beyond whey and creatine. AAS are a great way to improve physique and strength, but you still have to work hard with them to get results. They are definitely not taking “the easy way”. For more information, be sure to check out our sponsors and always do your research.

Sign Up for a Competition
Aim high with your goals. Entering a bodybuilding or physique contest will be one guaranteed way to motivate you to transform your physique.
When it comes to training, one sure fire way to guarantee you can showcase your enhanced bod is by entering a competition. Knowing that you’ll be on stage, being compared and judged against others who live a similar lifestyle and training all year will fill you up with the drive you need to succeed.
If a bodybuilding competition is not up your alley, then joining a challenge like weight loss, weight gain, shredding, or lifting challenges with a group of people is another way to motivate and put you to work!

Log Your Workouts
Whether it be a physical handwritten journal, an app, or a spreadsheet, writing down your workouts helps you remember them more accurately and reminds you of how important they are. Having a workout log allows you to easily reference what you’ve been doing, how many reps, sets, and the weights, so that over time you can get the bigger picture of the changes you’ve made in your journey.

Take Progress Pictures
Often, we look at ourselves in the mirror and get frustrated that we aren’t seeing changes or we’re not where we want to be. We don’t often see what’s really there. But if you take at least 2 photos daily, from the front and rear, with the same lighting, posing, and at the same time every day, look back on those photos in two weeks and you will be able to see the changes in your physique and be honest and accountable with yourself.
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