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First Cycle Question

Hey Guys, new member and first time posting. I’ve been reading through the forums for days and trying to absorb as much info as possible. I came across a stack in one of the sections and have decided to try it. I plan to run this as listed with the exception of week 1-4 doing 25mg of Dbol rather than 30.( I got 25mg tabs) This will be my first cycle. My question, should I run a low dose of Aromasin as preventative measure or just wait and see if any issues come up? I’m looking to gain some weight and bulk. I’m 37 years old and have always been skinny. Crazy high metabolism and I’m always very active. Currently I’m 6’1” 175lbs. What are your thoughts?

The cycle: (copied from this site)
Week 1-4
  • 30mgs Dbol (Dianabol)/day
  • 25mgs Ostabolic (ostarine mk)/day
  • 10mgs Cardarine (GW)/day
  • 7 caps N2Guard/day
Week 5-8
  • 50mgs Dbol/day
  • 50mgs Ostabolic (ostarine mk)/day
  • 20mgs Cardarine (GW)/day
  • 7 caps N2Guard/day
Mini-PCT (4 weeks)

Week 9-12

  • 50mgs clomid/day
  • 20mgs nolvadex/day
  • 5 tabs HCGenerate ES/day
  • 5 caps N2Guard/day
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