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female wanting to gain strength!

yeah cardazol and hcgenerate works good for females too
sister steroids are for serious only. you don't seem ready yet. maybe sarms only
But steroids are sarms, steroidal sarns, unless they're testosterone. Even the big scary tren is more selective for muscle than for prostate which is what SARMs are designed to be like. The fact that they're not steroidal in structure and make less of an impact on steroidogenesis doesn't change much for a female. First I'd say creatine though as she didn't lay out her current experience.
Right now I am squatting the bar + 25 pounds on each side
and I’m benching the bar + 10 pounds
my boyfriend makes fun of me and says that I should get stronger
what do you recommend I use to help me in terms of PED’s?
I’m 37 years olds and he is 35 years old. off
use anavar or winny
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