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Female goals on PED’s

What is the proper goal setting for a female who wants to use PED’s?
I'm 5 ft 7 in and athletic body. 38 years old
My ex used steroids a lot. So i know they work
I've always been curious to try them myself. What are some options?

A goal is you selecting what you want from training, diet etc. That's up to you
Better option for you is running sarms cycle: MK2866 and GW-10mgs each, daily; plus CARDAZOL-NATURAL booster of cardio, stamina, energy, FAT loss
As a female low dose Anavar of 5 mg a day to start and work up to 10 mg. Do 4 weeks on cycle 4 off cycle unless you are looking at doing some kind of competition then you should probably get a coach. I know some women have gone to 30-40 mg of Anavar without issue, but either they are the exception or using weak gear.

Labmax makes a test kit for Anavar and since Anavar is one of the most faked ones around, do yourself a favor and get the test kit and test regardless of source. As a female you can not risk taking the wrong Anabolic.

A second option for women is Primo, but I would go this route only if you have a preference for pinning as pinning is the best way for Primo and easier on the liver. An advanced user might try to stack Anavar and Primo.
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