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domestic supply 12 weeks on, 12 weeks off

gaining 8 pounds and burning fat at the same time is incredible good job
it just shows you how effective their gear is
Great products man! Are you going to a TRT dose for the 12 weeks off or just coming off cycle? If you are coming off and doing a PCT, that is not nearly enough time to be off and recover.
I’m doing a domestic supply cycle 12 weeks on, 12 weeks off, then going back on for 12 weeks.
So far so good. I’m getting excellent results and I’m happy with it.
Currently on my 2nd leg of my cycle and gaining 8 pounds this time around while also cutting fat.
I’ve been using sustanon, winstrol, tbol and equipoise. Swapping them back and forth. Great experience and low sides!
Winny be disappointed best gear on planet
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