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Doing a steroid stack for cutting

I just want to do a steroid stack to cut down. I already have a lot of muscle and bulk on my frame as I am 50 years old and I weigh 95 kg and I am 5 ft 8 in. my body fat is around 15%
. if I can cut down to 12 or 13% It would be ideal I think for my stats
My thought process is including anavar oxandrolone for sure. doing my research it seems to be the best for fat loss. but if I was to stack in 250 mg a week of testosterone would that also help me lose fat or would it have the opposite effect?
I'm also looking at using possibly winstrol or masteron too, would it be safe to use either in this stack or forget it?
try anavar, it works well for sure. 50mgs a day from domestic supply. start there, maybe add masteron later
I would definitely put Testosterone into your stack, maybe run 200 mg to 250 mg a week. The Anavar at 50 mg or winstrol at 50 mg would be good, both together can get a little hard on the liver as are all oral compounds. I would also get some kind of liver support with these. Make sure to have your post cycle therapy drugs on hand before you start as you will need to rebuild your natural testosterone production after a cycle. Also expect to have a couple weeks of crash after the cycle in which you will have to force yourself to get things done.

Another thing to do is get your blood work done before you start your cycle and then you will also want to get it done mid cycle and after post cycle therapy to make sure everything gets back to normal.
I would say start with just test. get your diet locked in. you wont see benefits to mast, winny, or anavar at 15% bf pluus. You need to be in the 10% or less range to really see those drugs shine
Dylan has you completely covered on this! For the best quality sarms and peptides make sure to check out either Umbrella Labs or Sarms4Sale!
Best thing you can do is run a SARMs stack and just focus on diet. I don't think steroids are the best for cutting. Check out and Umbrella Labs.
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