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Do i still need to weight train on sarms?

losers? LOL oh yeah, calling us losers really encourages us to help you out..

you are 6'1", about 40 pounds underweight and still carrying 1/4 body fat... may want to look in the mirror and reassess who the losers are bud

oh, and its very respectable to be a lazy piece of shit on top of it..
I am not sure that insulting us is the best way to get help. I know that personally, I do not take very kindly to that and so I would not be able to offer you any help. You should learn to respect others in general, especially when you are asking for their help.
Some dude on youtube made a video and said you don’t have to train while using sarms
That sounds like a hell of a good deal to me
So how would you do it? I’m 6’ tall and 145 pounds and about 22% body fat. Never worked out a day in my life
Do i just inject this crap into me and then turn into Arnold or how does it work? Cmon you losers tell me

145, 6' tall and asks oh so nicely