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Dealing with Constipation on a cut

gut issues are common in bodybuilding. eat more fiber
Make sure you are eating the veggies and fruits raw more often so you get all of the fibre in. You should make sure you are staying hydrated and also supplement with psyllium husk if necessary.
does anyone else ever get constipated when you're trying to shred down. I'm eating plenty of vegetables and I'm also eating bananas and other fiber and I still have an issue with passing my bowels
when I eat fast food and garbage food that's when I have an easier time with it. the only thing that I can think of is i used clen for a little time, but would that have dried me out so much?
although it might seem logical to eat fast food and get runny bowels that is the dumbest thing you can do as its only causing more gut problems

your bowels should always be regular, if not its a red flag of problems in your gut

i recommend doing raw fruits, veggies and bone broth for the next month and that is the best way to repair your gut health 2nd only to fasting
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