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coming off TRT

PCT isn't gonna recover you that easily
you will need probably a 12 week pct minimum
and you will need to log it
this is going to take a lot of effort on your part if you are going to recover since you've been on for almost a whole year

i personally think you should log it

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we haven't had someone be on steroids that long and come off log their journey
I think it would be a good one to follow and we can help you along the way
i'm sure you will be able to log something for us to follow
but hard to know much more than that
before you decided to stay on steroids were you on them beforehand?

Also how old are you and how is your diet and your training and all that other stuff. All this matters when it comes to recovery and we know nothing about you
I did 2 cycles with pct's before this past January when I started trt. I am 41 my diet and training were on track for most of that time but the past few weeks cause of personal issues I am not training nearly as much as I was so that is part of my decision to come off and do a full pct.
200 mg of test per week would likely put you at 1400 for a total test number which is WAY too high to walk around at every day.. that will shave years off your life.. your test needs to be in the 650-750 range with trt.. 200 is NOT trt unless you have a very severe hypogonadal condition.. 200 mg is NOT a normal trt dose whatsoever
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