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Big steroid come back cycle

@ 42 years old I would watch how much drol you are taking. 50mg ed for 4-5 weeks max imo. Tren ace at 50mg eod and test at 300mg weekly aromasin and get diet in check. maybe anavar in place of drol N2GUARD for sure
i would definitely not do that kind of cycle for your first time back on in that amount of time.. you are getting very very greedy and that is going to backfire on you... i would strongly suggest easing back into things as opposed to going way past full throttle as you are... dont be greedy, it wont work out well for you.. its a marathon, not a sprint, so dont turn it into one
I took about 4 years off from the gym due to life in general
now I am back in business and I just signed up to a great gym and I'm ready to kick butt
one of the things I was looking at doing was stacking trenbolone acetate and anadrol. that has been a dream cycle for a long time
my goals are a lot of aggression and building up a lot of muscle mass
of course I'm going to take 6 months to get back into top shape and then I'm going to hit the cycle hard
Do you recommend i do 200mgs of tren and 50mgs a day anadrol for 8 weeks? Would that be a good stack?
I'm 42 years old, 5'6, and 168 lb with low body fat
Good to hear
Low tren like that is good enough on its own. No need to add anadrol. You will get way more sides but nothing extra noticeable as far as results.
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