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adjusting my AI on test + tren

the fact you are using that much test and dont understand why you have high estrogen screams you have done ZERO research whatsoever and have less than zero business using any steroid.. you need to STOP immediately and run pct along with staying a million miles away from any steroid
I’ve been on testosterone and tren for the past 8 weeks
noticing a rise in estrogen bigtime. Up getting some symptoms of gyno and also getting water retention. Got my estrogen checked and its in the 200’s lol. Way above normal.
I don’t understand what is going on I’m using 10mgs of aromasin 3x per week.
I’m on 750mgs of test and 400mgs of tren per week
should I keep increasing my AI or should I switch AI
Take nolva 40mg ed for 2 weeks. Bump aromasin to 25mg e3d
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