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Adding protein powder to sweets


New member
Has anyone had any success adding protein powder to their Foods. I trying to add protein powder to my ice cream yesterday. I microwave the ice cream for about 40 seconds so it could melt a little bit and I mixed in the protein. It tasted really good but made it more bitter because the protein was pure. Is this a healthier option than just eating the ice cream
I add protein to ice cream and oatmeal all the time with stevia
no it won't make your ice cream healthier man

you can look for coconut based 'ice cream' that is a healthier option but not healthy

why do you need ice cream in your diet? i am pretty sure 1M years ago our ancestors didn't sit around craving ice cream
It doesn't make it healthier at all. All it does is just give you more protein in your diet through a heavily processed dairy byproduct.
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