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about to start a push/pull type routine...your opinion on it???


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heres the routine i was planning to do for the next 6-8 weeks. i used to to a chest/back, arms/shoulders, legs/abs type split......with fairly low volume too, about6-8 sets per bodypart (i.e. 6 chest sets, 6 back sets)

i wanted to see what would happen if i added a bit more volume. would it mean more muscle growth? also i cant decide between doing 2 or 3 sets of each cheat exercise on chest day

anyhow heres what i planned


2-3 sets incline dumbell press
2-3 sets flat DB press
2 sets DB shoulder press
2-3 sets parallel dips
2 sets pull downs

and also maybe 2 sets incline DB flyes


4-5 sets squats
2 sets deadlifts (ive never deadlifted before :), just squats and variations of them )
2-3 sets leg press
2 sets calf raises

2 sets hanging leg lifts
2 sets roman chair
2 set cable crunches


2 sets standing BB curl
2 sets close grip chins
3 sets seated cable rows
3 sets rows (of any sort, i was thinking t-bar rows?)
2 sets wide grip pull downs

and maybe 2 sets hammer curls

so, any thoughts? too much volume? wrong exercises? on chest days previouly ive never done a fly-type exercise for chest as my arms are like jello after benching :) similar reason for never having done deadlifts, as my legs are jello after squats

any help would be much appreciated. i wanna get big and strong ;)


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I think it looks very good overall. You should have some good luck with it. Suggestion for leg day though: don't do deads and squats on the same day, unless you're doing SLDLs. Secondly, I'd throw in a couple sets of extensions.


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leg extensions (thinks back......)

ahh yeah i know what they are. ill try em :) thanks dude. i didntg think i would be able to hack deadlifts fter squats anyhow, and my last leg routine has me getting stronger every week :D

what about the volume though? should i aim for 3 sets (where i had the 2-3 sets) you think the high volume is good. or is it one of hose 'try it and see' things

thanx for the reply :)


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I am doing one right now that I like a lot. My only suggestion is to split it up like this:

Day 1: Pull
Day 2: Push
Day 3: Legs

That way you can do deads on pull day and still have a couple days rest before/after leg day.


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I think your upper-body volume is fine. Just remember to go as heavy as you can, and sqeeze out those last two reps like there was a gun to your head.

As for legs, I think you could probably handle a little more. That's why I suggested adding the extensions. You can add leg curls as well, but you won't need them if you do the SLDLs. On leg day, I'll do 2-3 compound excercises (3-5 sets, choosing from squats, sldl, leg press, hack, lunge), 2 isolation (2-3 sets of extensions and curls) and two calves (4 sets each, supersets). It might look like a lot on paper to some people, but it's quite doable.


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cheers =w= :)

ive always thought my leg days were a lil low on volume gymtime...ill try and modify the routine to allow for those extra sets like you said. sounds good :)

ive taken this week off and my body's going thru withdrawl at no weights so im ready to hulk up



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Robboe said:
do back before biceps.

2 sets per exercise for chest is good.

Other than that it looks aight.


will do :)


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Never care much about combining push/pull muscle groups and here why. For ex. when doing the back exercises, the bicepts also come into play. Once your done with back, you won't have enought energy to really tax the bicepts. When I used to do push/pull, after doing back , my barbell curls would fall from 155lbs x 8 down to 120lbs x 8 . I perfer doing one bodypart per day.


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"my barbell curls would fall from 155lbs x 8 down to 120lbs x 8 "

Remember though that it isnt about how much weight you are lifting it is about stimulating the muscle. You may have been using lighter weights but your biceps were still receiving adequate stimulus.