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A ? about cardio


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Hi, I started working out again ,about six weeks ago.I was, and still am, doing weights 5 days a weeks and was doing cardio 20 mins 7 days a weeks.After reading this board,I increased the cardio to 30 min in the morning and 30 in the late afternoon.This has really helped as far as losing weight but the problem is this.Every morning I cramp.It doesn't seen to matter if I run most of it or if I walk on an incline.Or if I'm on an empty stomach or if I ate.I still cramp every morning, but not in the afternoon.What is up with this?I'm I needing to warm up longer in the morning?I'm just not sure what the problem is.Thanks alot :)
ok i am certainly no expert on this stuff but from what i've read in the posts i would think you're doing WAY too much of everything. i've gotten the impression that you need to do 3 or 4 60 min sessions and 3 or 4 days of lifting. am i right - anyone??

and that's besides the proper eating stuff...
i hope i'm not overstepping my bounds here.
oh and i should also say that the reason for less is at least partly because you need to REST your muscles, otherwise you'll be undoing what muscle you've just built. as far as i know you should give yourself 48 hours rest between times lifting. my guess why you cramp is too much strain on the muscle from no rest. that or not enough water.

but there are lots of people here with more experience, so what i know may not be necessarily better for you. anyway, good luck!
Thank you for you thoughts.I really don't think that I am lifting to much.I lift 5 days aweek .One day doing mostly legs and the next doing upper body,and so on.So my muscles are getting rest.My husband has been lifting for about 15 years and that is what he told me to do.However he doesn't know much about cardio because he doesn't do that much.I don't know if I'm doing to much cardio ,I increased it because people were telling me 20 minutes was not enough.I broke it up into 2 3o mins because I don't think I could handle 60 mins of cardio.And the time factor, even at home, in the afternoon an hour is a long time to be on the tredmill,with a 4 and 6 yearold at home.So still unsure about this cardio, I could bump it down to 5 days but I really need someones input.
Doing weights 5 times a week is good, especially since you are doing the upperbody/lowerbody sessions. In terms of cardio, what I have been told that the minimum you should do is 30mins at least three times weekly.

For myself I do more cardio, and I am taking LEAN + which breaks down fat cells faster. I am just trying to lose fat for now.

FYI regarding these kind of supplements, stay away from products with Ma Huang/caffeine and Phenaphylene(sp?)- I got this info from my friend who is a dietician. These things can cause irregular heartrate and other heart difficulties.

fit_kitten~ whats you take on LEAN? have you seen progress? the reason why i ask is because i was taking diet fuel and it really didnt do anything for me. so i have been doing some research on xendrine and thinking about taking it. im on the hunt for a thermogenic supplement.

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Ok cardio is great, but how is your diet?? That is very important for fat loss!! You can do all the cardio you want, but if you are not eating right, it wont do you a bit of good! Doing cardio all at one time is best. In the AM on an empty stomach. I understand having little ones so whenever you can is great. Try to go 45 minutes. 4 days a week. As far as fat burners, they will aid you in the fat loss process but they are not a magic pill and it will not shed lbs off you without diet, proper weight training and some cardio. It takes TIME and you have to have PATIENCE! If you have heart conditions etc I would not take fat burners or if you take them and feel uncomfortable then do not. They are not for everyone. What type of weight routine are you doing now??
Thanks again for your replies.Gettin big, I saw your pics they were great.I want to start with my goal.I want to be nice and tone.Not a lot of muscle but tone.When I started I was at 130# Now down to 121# I'm 5'4" small build.I had my body fat done about 2 weeks ago it was 25.5.I think it is less now at least I hope so.My weight workout is good I do upperbody 3 exercises for each body part,next day I do legs and so on.My diet is good, I am eatting about 5 small meals aday and not eating much fat at all.I take protein 2 times a day and just started taking flax oil in the get caps.I have given up on fat burners because they all contain caffine,which I can't have,so it is up to the cardio.Do you think 30 min 7 days a week is enough?I could do the 30 min in the afternoon also.But my main question is about the cramping in the morning.I always run before I lift should I do it after?
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