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  1. Discreet User

    Pushups Before Bed

    Is it a good idea to perform push ups before going to bed? Will it do any good for your muscles? Does is make it more difficult to fall asleep? Let's get a good discussion going on this, Bros!
  2. T

    lifting at a bad time?

    I currently work weird hours (usually 8pm to 4am). Unfortunately i feel the most energized after work so i like to hit the gym then. I still usually eat about 6 meals a day, but i am working out at 5 am, going to bed at 7, and sleeping until 3pm. I am the slimmer type, who is trying to add add...
  3. SouthernLord

    Need 2 Sleep is Amazing!!! Sleep help. Sleep aid. good night sleep.

    This stuff really is amazing. I've took almost every sleep aid out legal and OTC and this has to be my favorite yet. This stuff puts you down fast and hard with no hangover or grogginess in the morning. You can expect very deep and relaxed sleep with vivid dreams. The last few weeks have been...
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