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  1. J

    Pure DMAA and sleep

    There are still some DMAA products floating around since the ban I was looking at finding mesomorph from APS nutrition but its now gone If i find some laying around What I need to take it 2 to 3 hours before I go to sleep? how would it affect your sleep otherwise I seem to be very stimulant...
  2. I

    Help me sleep better

    What are my best options to take a supplement to help me sleep better right now I am having a hard time falling asleep and doing a lot of tossing and turning I'm looking to take something that can maybe get me at least falling asleep so I can stay asleep. I haven't had a good night's rest in...
  3. P

    Battling poor sleep and fatigue

    I keep waking up really early in the morning and its hard for me to get back to sleep I’m hoping you can help me out with this By recommending a good supplement that you have used and know that works I usually wake up around 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. go to the bathroom and then it's hard for me to fall...
  4. K

    Nutrobal for sleep

    right now I'm just looking for something to help me sleep better at night Would nutrobal mk677 be good for this? also I know the average dosage is like 25 mg a day can I run half of that and get that benefit or do I need to run the full amount or do I need to double up the amount? I’m 27...
  5. F

    stronger recovery

    I'm looking to take something that has stronger recovery after a hard workout when I ran my last supplement stack I feel like my recovery did not get help at all this time I want to run something that is more fluid and that will help me sleep better at night to
  6. J

    Sarms to boost rest

    I am needing to catch up on sleep after a brutal 2 months of work Which sarms stack can i run for 8 weeks while i am on a break to get more better sleep I’m 44 years old 6’4’’ 223 pounds Read that nutrobal mk is good but don’t know much about how to use it
  7. H

    N2burn works for cutting?

    Hey does n2burn work good for those looking to cut down? also is it safe for females to use it or is it just mainly for men ? Should I use it in the morning and then go work out or should I take it later today and will it mess with my sleep at all.
  8. A

    Sleep quality poor

    I am not having an issue falling asleep on my current steroid cycle but I'm having an issue with staying asleep and my sleep quality I'm very concerned with not getting enough proper rest I don't want to waste my cycle. Is there a supplement that can help with keeping me sleep and good...
  9. E

    Melatonin for sleep ?

    Is melatonin A wise choice to help a person sleep or doesn't have any type of negative effects that I should be wary of. I'm currently having issues falling asleep but I don't have issues staying asleep. from my research online it seems like this would be the best option. Any...
  10. H

    Sleep supplements good or bad?

    What are your opinions on taking sleep supplements that help you sleep better I've heard that they're good and they can help improve your Sleep Quality naturally I've also heard that you can get addicted to sleep supplements too and be dependent on them
  11. S

    Help with stress levels

    My stress levels are always elevated due to my working two jobs and try to support a family on a budget. I'm also stressed out over other things in life in exercising really helps relieve that stress. I also would like a supplement that I can take that can calm me down during the day because it...
  12. A

    Best sleep supplement

    what is the best supplement that I can take that will help me sleep better at night. I don't have a problem falling asleep but have a problem staying asleep and getting a deep sleep. I keep waking up feeling groggy and tired like I didn't sleep enough when I really slept like 9 hours
  13. N

    Help with sleep

    my work schedule is really weird as I work as an assistant manager and have to go in super early. I start my day off at 4 a.m. and I get off at 1 pm. This means I need to take a nap after work but I usually don't feel tired enough. Would you recommend I take something on my way home from work so...
  14. P

    Cannot sleep on steroids

    hey I am a female and this is my third steroid cycle. I am using anavar oxandrolone and I am doing 7.5 mg per day. one of the things I've noticed weird is I haven't been able to sleep very well ever since I started probably after the fourth day taking this. Is this normal and do you suggest...
  15. H

    need sleep help

    I am tired of being tired all day, only getting 5 hours of sleep and that isn’t working. I need atleast 7 or 8 or I don’t recover from my workouts. This problem started happening around the time I started to drink a lot of coffee. I am trying to get off the coffee but in the mean time is...
  16. M

    can’t sleep at night

    Hey guys I have a double edged sword problems. I started using pre workouts before I train in the late afternoon. I get off work at 5 so I take my preworkout then, then I get to the gym and change in the lockerroom then do my workout for about an hour and go home. Well I haven’t been sleeping...
  17. C

    Is it better to sleep or eat?

    Would it be better to sleep 5 hours, get in some food, then sleep for 4 or 5 more hours or sleep for 7 or 8 hours straight through. by better i mean would it bring more gains in the long run
  18. Jack steel

    fucking assholes

    I hate inconsiderate neighbors who like to walk around there apartment banging a trash can with a stick (or whatever the fuck he's doing) in the morning after i've been up working all night. People who can't put themselves in their neighbors' shoes need to be drug into the street, burned and...
  19. Discreet User

    Craving Sweets/Carbs Before Bed

    I'm on my first cycle: Test Cypionate only. Eating 4,500 calories per day trying to gain. Eat 3,500 per day off-cycle. Added most of my calories through poultry. I start my day off with complex carbs and try not to eat carbs within 3 hours of bedtime. I'm craving sugar and carbs such...
  20. Discreet User

    Pushups Before Bed

    Is it a good idea to perform push ups before going to bed? Will it do any good for your muscles? Does is make it more difficult to fall asleep? Let's get a good discussion going on this, Bros!
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