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    Napsgear domestic is fast!

    I have always ordered steroids internationally and half the time it doesn't even show up and the other half it takes like a month to get to me I tried napsgear this time Man they are fast! I ordered domestic and i am in the USA Took like 2 days after they shipped it. Very impressed with...
  2. U

    PSL domestic shipping questions

    what does it mean when you order from PSL domestic and the package is saying ‘awaiting shipping carrier’ I’m worried that they seized the package and I could get in trouble or does that just mean it has yet to be delivered
  3. N

    Need PSL products soon

    Would you guys recommend using PSL if i wanted my products as soon as possible? I am in the USA whether international shipping be swift or should I go ahead and use their domestic shipping options I need some AI’s as soon as possible due to gyno flareups
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    PSL shipping times

    hello, I live in Ohio wondering how long the shipping times take between going domestic vs. International when it came to PSL gear I would like to place my order and get it before xmas so I can hook my friend up who helped me move. I’m worried they will be on vacation or something
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    domestic supply shipping questions

    my products shipped from the northeastback last week and I’m in the midwest its still showing on the tracking thatit is en route but no updates in about 3 days. Does this mean my package was seized?
  6. T

    geneza ships from ?

    I was wondering where does geneza pharm ship their products from? I am in the USA and don’t want to order international anymore after a bad experience i had a year ago with customs
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    How long geneza shipping takes?

    Had a question about geneza shipping If i order today how long would it take for me to get my package? Also do they reship in case the package is lost by the post office?
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    how fast does geneza shipping?

    What do you think about geneza shipping, do they ship fast and is there price what they charge for shipping fair in terms of how much value you get from it? The last source I used took a month to get me my products and charged me $50 just for shipping. Thought that was bs
  9. R

    International PSL

    I had a question about ordering PSL from the USA but international the brand and products I want are not available domestically. can you tell me the turnaround time from the time i ordered how long should I expect to get it in and do i need to get a po box?
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    Shipping issue resolved Domestic-supply

    i just want to say how impressed I am with domestic supply. the guy I have been emailing with has been on top of my issue. my order was shipped a couple weeks ago and it got lost in the mail. The tracking just stopped He was on top of things and said if it didn’t arrive he would reship at no...
  11. C ships to all US states?

    I heard a lot of sources are refusing to ship products to some middle america states Because of our very conservative laws I was wondering is there any places that PSL will not ship to or am i okay ordering from them if i live in middle America
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    Purchased Sarms

    Hi all, Last week I bought some GW from Sarms1. I live in Australia, so they used USPS to post internationally. Using the Tracking ID, will USPS tell me when my package will arrive? Considering that AUS post actually delivers it? I don't want to miss the delivery. So far all I know that it is...
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    HCGenerate & Australia???

    Hey guys, got 2 weeks left of my cycle and was hoping to get a hold of some hcgenerate es. Only problem is, i got a letter in the mail just a few days ago saying that my HCG was seized at customs. Grrr :( Will this have me on some sort of blacklist? And will ordering hcgenerate to Australia be a...
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    uniquemicals vs usps

    hi i placed a order at uniquemicals around xmas i am living in sweden. and it was sent through various of postal offices to reach its final destination, the original shipping address in the us, so i sent my info to the uniquemicals and they told me they reship the produkt. and so they did but...
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    Has my package been seized?

    Okay, the tracking said that my package was suppose to arrive today, and it nevered arrive, does that mean that it's been seized? And do you have to sign for the package if it's Domestic? How would you know if your package has been seized? in my situation the person I bought it from says it's in...
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    Cant post RS Transderm to Australia.

    Hi There, I have tried to get my hands on some RS Transderm but can't seem to get it shipped to Australia. Has anyone else had this problem ?. Any info will be much appreciated.
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    RX ProHub

    I placed an order with RX ProHub back on November 21, 2011 and now more than 2 months later I still haven't received anything. They did send me an email on 12/3/11 that the oders had shipped but nothing has arrived. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Did I just send a donation to...
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    anyone have trouble

    so Im going to try and ask this without sourcing. my buddy takes NAPS and was wondering if anyone has had any trouble with them. It has been 4 weeks and it still has yet to arrive is that normal?
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    Going to India...How to send it back

    Hey guys... I'm heading to India soon I'm not getting on the plane with injectables...... on the other hand any suggestions on a good starter oral (that would be available there) that I could toss into an advil container might help to...