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  1. DaleMuscle

    Approved Log My Mass Stack Trenbolone, Tbol, Anadrol Log

    First of all, I want to apologize for not sharing my log journal. In reality, I didn't know about the log until I posted my cycle, and when I tried to really get my log journal up, I was surprised by someone here in the forum who tried to make fun of someone coming to the forum for the first...
  2. DaleMuscle

    Nipple Soreness! Should I Pause?

    I started this cycle 17 days ago with Tren 100mg twice a week, Turinabol 25mg per day, and Anadrol 50mg per day. I've already started feeling some soreness in my nipples for about 3 days now. I have some letrozole handy. I was planning on running Anadrol for 5 weeks and keeping Tren and...
  3. G

    Developing gyno on sarms?

    I read some older posts about people getting gynecomastia from lgd-4033 and then I read some recent information that it's not possible I just want to make sure because I got a couple bottles of it and then I don't want to end up with an issue. Do I need to run any sort of anti estrogen with...
  4. A

    Can i get rid of gyno with supps?

    I saw some guys on social media pushing supplements to help with gynecomastia I've had it since I was a teenager. I'm now in my mid-twenties and it's embarrassing having women laugh at me when I take off my shirt. is there a supplement that I can try that can help zap away the gyno
  5. G

    Gyno from sarms?

    Is it possible to get gynecomastia from sarm's? I’ve been using ostarine MK2866 and nutrobal Mk677 for the past 4 weeks I started to develop a small lump under my right nipple and it is hard like a small pea I went to the doctor and he confirmed it was gynecomastia and put me on a...
  6. N

    Ripped 40 year old cycle

    I'm 7% body fat and I'm 40 years old 5’11’’ 177 pounds I was doing a Sustanon cycle and I started getting really bad gynecomastia so I have to stop it. Have been on adex ever since which is helping I want to fire up my cycle again but have no explanation why I'm suddenly gyno prone as I've...
  7. K

    How to get rid of gynecomastia

    I ran prohormones a few years ago and I didn't know what they were I ended up getting gynecomastia and since then it's flared up here and there but it's still really embarrassing and I don't want to have surgery is there any way to get rid of this stuff without having to go under the knife
  8. A

    Need some gynecomastia help

    I have gynecomastia and I got it from running a testosterone cycle without running an anti estrogen. I know what I did wrong after doing research and should not have listened to a buddy of mine I read that nolvadex is supposed to be really good for gyno. How much of it do I need to use and how...
  9. E

    How to fix gynecomastia

    I have been off steroids for 2 years and I have been using some supplements ever since. My issue is my gynecomastia is flaring up again. Reading up online it seems to be estrogen rebound as the culprit for someone who has my situation what kind of protocol would you recommend and is it safe to...
  10. JimAbs43

    Evolutionary Radio Episode 409 - Gynecomastia, Dianabol and how much do steroids cost?

    Evolutionary Radio Episode 409 - Gynecomastia, Dianabol and how much do steroids cost?
  11. I

    Gyno at 52

    So I am a mess but I'm seeking guidance from you guys on here. I'm 52 years old going on 56. My testosterone levels are low and I have high estrogen levels. This has led to me developing gynecomastia which was made worse by using a prohormone. what do I need to do from here to correct both these...
  12. JimAbs43 Podcast #407 - Pubertal gynecomastia and are you allergic to steroids? Podcast #407 - Pubertal gynecomastia and are you allergic to steroids?
  13. 3

    First sarm cycle post-surgery

    I'm 34 years old I've been lifting 4/5 years consistently. One year ago I had surgery for gynecomastia where they remove the gland. It was gyno that I've had for many years since puberty. I read that sarms can cause gynecomastia and those who are prone to have had it before. Will I be at risk if...
  14. D

    Do I need a PCT after ostarine?

    I had a question about running an ostarine MK cycle. Do I need an AI during to block gynecomastia or is that not going to be a problem? My second question is about PCT, I keep reading conflicting information. They said on Reddit that you should run a PCT cuz ostarine is still suppressive. What...
  15. T

    Need help with gyno surgery

    I have some gynecomastia that was inflamed on my last testosterone cycle when I ran it at 500mg a week. I should have listened to people say not to run test that high but I was stubborn and listen to the wrong people. I got a quote for surgery and they said it's going to cost $4,200 which is out...
  16. F

    Getting some possible gynecomastia on sarms?

    I have a weird situation here and I need your help. I ran lgd 4033 at 15 mg a day from proven peptides. It was eight weeks and I don't think I have any issues on cycle. During PCT I ran ostarine MK2866, I start getting some nipple issues and possible gynecomastia symptoms. I ran blood work...
  17. V

    surgery gyno Working out

    Hey I just got done with gynecomastia surgery and it came out pretty good I used a doctor that usually works with bodybuilders so he took good care of me although it was pricey . He says that I can start working out but using light weights only after about 3 weeks has anyone gone through this...
  18. S

    Pro hormone Gyno

    I have run some gear in the past, nothing super intense. Dbol alone, Dbol and Test, Tren and Test, winni alone and winni with the tren and test. Never had any kind of gyno problems ever. Always took nolva post cycle. Last fall I took some winni tabs alone for a few weeks, didn't notice any...
  19. J

    Please help me with my gyno problem

    About 3 weeks ago I started noticing that my left nipple was sensitive and there was some tissue developing underneath it. Clear sign of gyno. About 3 months ago I started a msten and halcor cycle finished it with a OTC ptc and nolvadex and clomid. I assume I tapered off incorrectly because I...
  20. C


    I know this might seem like a stupid question but I was wondering if I could run a prohoromone cycle with pre existing gyno. I have a anti-estrogen on hand. Just looking for some legit feedback. Thanks!
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