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    how would you run equipoise for endurance?

    I’m looking to get my endurance up with equipoise I’m curious how you would run it in this particular stack with 200 milligrams of testosterone stats are six foot two and 185 pounds and I like to run about three or four miles every evening after work trying to figure out a good way to use it for...
  2. X

    Not good endurance on test and dbol

    28 years old and I am around 170 pounds and 5 foot 8 inches did my first cycle of test and dbol and been on it for about 5 weeks no AI on cycle using 500 mg of testosterone and 30 milligrams of Dianabol per day my endurance has been absolutely smoked also I’m getting some horrible pumps in my...
  3. K

    Endurance sarms stack

    37 years old 207 lb 5 ft 11 in live in Colorado doing a lot of Endurance Sports this time of year in the cold I'm looking for a sarm stack that can not only give me endurance but also keep me warm Looking at something for 12 weeks if possible
  4. P

    sarms cycle review

    I wanted to get some feedback on my planned sarms cycle cardarine gw501516 yk11 ostarine mk2866 goal: fat loss, endurance and lean gains btw, I’m 24 years old, 5’5’’ and 145 if that matters
  5. Z

    Equipoise advantages/disadvantages

    Looking to hear some experiences on your positives and negatives when it comes to equipoise I'm looking to build some bulk muscle mass increase and also help increase my endurance more Looking at doing EQ at 300-800mgs area. Which dosage would be best for my goals? I’m 6’1’’ 175 pounds and...
  6. S

    Improving conditioning with sarms

    I want to spend the next couple months and proving my conditioning and endurance I used to be a pretty good runner years ago but haven't done it in a while I'm looking to improve where I am. I’m 167 pounds and 5’9’’ Which sarms work best for endurance?
  7. L

    rich piana kill it pre workout?

    Saw this pre workout by rich piana seems good, it has him on the front with a big gun and he looks shredded using it its got some good endurance/NO blends and creatine too should I try this?
  8. R

    Sarms for endurance only

    I am not using sarms to build muscle, rather for endurance I am an endurance athlete I’m 6’1’’ 177 pounds and 7% body fat Which sarms are best for me besides cardarine GW
  9. G

    Endurance vs. sprinting sarms options

    Is there going to be a difference between which sarms you recommend for a endurance person or someone who is a sprinter? I am playing around with both I can do a 5 second 40 yard dash And my long distance stats are 22 minute 5K and 1:45 half marathon I’m 6’1’’ and 175 pounds lean
  10. E

    Gw usage ideas

    I’m 25 years old Very active play a lot of sports Very lean under 10% body fat and 6’1’’ I know that gw cardarine is great for 2 things that i have read: Endurance and fat loss My issue is for someone in my situation who just cares about endurance with GW cardarine cause me to lose too much...
  11. JimAbs43 485 Exploring two endurance compounds GW Cardarine and SR9009. 485 Exploring two endurance compounds GW Cardarine and SR9009.
  12. H

    Choosing s4 over LGD?

    I'm 5 ft 8 in tall and I weigh around 212 lb body fat is somewhere in the 20s I'm a bigger guy but I also have muscle I'm looking for something that I can take to help with muscle mass gains without losing my endurance my friend said that S4 andarine is way better than lgd 4033 and his...
  13. D

    Female runner needs tips

    I am a female Runner who does Endurance Sports I've competed in various competitions over the past 10 years I know some of the people I am against are using PED’s I've used them myself but never from good sources so I think I used fakes in the past can you give me a protocol that I...
  14. O

    sr9009 for females?

    One of my chick friends said that she has been using sr9009and it helps with her endurance. She takes it before gym class and she says shecan go more which source on here sells it and how do I use it? I’m 5 2’’
  15. N

    Endurance is poor

    I was wondering what you guys had in mind for someone who isn't the most athletic and has a hard time with endurance. Like during my weight training sessions I get tired and lose my win. And when it comes to running I can make it like a mile or two before I'm out of breath. What is the best way...
  16. E

    female sarms help

    I am 5’3’’ 145 pounds 22% body fat in good shape can run a mile in 9 minutes and weight train 3X per week which sarms would work good for me to boost my endurance and strength. Right now I can bench 110 pounds, want to get stronger but not manlike
  17. T

    is my friend right?

    My friend says you should always use a pre workout before you workout with weight training because it helps get the blood flowing and helps with energy and endurance. Do you think he is right or is he just making stuff up to get me to buy some supplements off of him? And why, explain the science
  18. M

    Anyone trying EPO?

    do athletes still mess around with EPO and other things that thicken blood to give them an advantage with Endurance Sports. And if so what kind of experiences do you guys have in using it? I don't know much about it and I can't find enough information on the proper dosages, they say it's...
  19. M

    Sarms cardarine GW solo

    Hey I want some of Dylan's videos online and I really like this guy, would love to maybe meet him one day and work out together. He was talking about g w cardarine in one of the videos. it sounds like the perfect thing for me because I want to boost my endurance and fat loss. What dosage would...
  20. L

    Best sarms for endurance athletes

    I'm posting this question because I'm not sure whether to run rad 140 or lgd 4033. I'm pretty clued-up on using steroids so not looking for advice on those, just use sarms. I want to increase my strength and endurance without adding weight to my frame. I do a lot of bicycling and I'm a very...
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