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    supplements for cheap

    I’m looking for the best supplements that are cheap I’m trying to set up a budget and wouldn’t want to spend more than 120 dollars a month total what are two or three supplements that I can get for that cost that would be worth it cross creatine off the list I’ve tried it and I wasn’t impressed...
  2. G

    how would you stack creatine with bcaas?

    I’m looking to use bcaas and creatine together. What advice would you give me if I wanted to run them together. My main goal is recovery, lean bulking, and something to give me some energy for my workouts. The last time I was in the gym I put on around 8 pounds in 6 months, this time would like...
  3. K

    using high dose of creatine?

    I ordered a big tub of creatine I got a really good discount on it at the bin at the supplement store the guy there said it was a really good product but they were discontinuing it so it was discounted by 50% I’m looking to go through this stuff and see what it’s capable of giving me. What would...
  4. N

    best supplements for mass

    I’m looking for the best supplements that I can take to build more mass do you think I should go with creatine or do you think it makes more sense to just take whey protein and take three scoops a day with my shakes or do you think that I should go with amino acids instead and mix them up with...
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    using creatine mixed with whey?

    I’m looking to pick up some whey protein powder chocolate flavor that would sound really good and I’m looking to make some creatine with it I got one of those blenders that you see advertising those infomercials LOL I don’t expect it to last forever but it works really good for now would it be...
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    creatine only 1g a day?

    What do you guys think about using creatine at only 1g per day? I’ve seen some recommendations saying you should run it five grams and I’ve seen some recommendations that you have to load it even higher initially before doing a maintenance dose. What if I was just to do a really low dose of one...
  7. X

    creatine truth and myths

    So I was reading some stuff about creatine and how dangerous this stuff can be one of the things that I read is that it can cause your kidneys to have problems another thing is it can cause water retention what are your opinions on both? Are they truth or myth
  8. E

    Best creatine of 2023?

    What is the best creatine options for 2023 would you say? My doctor said it messes with your kidney’s but then i talked to another doctor and he said that it was okay and that wasn’t true But i think you need to get the pure creatine, that should make the difference with how your body reacts...
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    45 years old supplement and sarms stack

    At my age It seems like I'm slowing down every day. I'm currently 5'8 and I weigh around 145 lb. I'm very skinny for people my age, but i want to bulk up a bit I’m looking to stack supplements with sarms on this next run I’ve got protein powder, weight gainer, and creatine on hand Which sarms go...
  10. R

    Magazine bodybuilding secrets

    I've always wondered on the cover of those magazines what kind of supplements those guys are using through my research I came up with several different supplements that I think that they are on support supplements Creatine weight gainers isolate whey What is your opinion on this list I have above?
  11. W

    Multivitamin and creatine

    I'm looking to stack a multivitamin and creatine product together so save hassle should I buy them separately or should I buy something that is already Blended all in one another question I had is that I know that creatine and multivitamins are cheap so should I be targeting a product that is...
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    CREA-TEN 10-IN-1 creatine

    Check out this product my friend said was really good Called CREA-TEN. It contains the best creatine blend you will possibly find. it's supposed to increase your pumps at the gym and it's also supposed to increase hydration and cell volume this is the Rich Piana 5% legendary series supplement...
  13. S

    Wasting my time with creatine?

    I have been using creatine for the past year and haven't seen much results at all I was wondering what kind of training program would you recommend for someone who is trying to get bigger and faster who is using creatine. Someone told me that you have to do that and mix them both
  14. C

    How do you mix bcaa’s?

    I got some bcaa’s, i want to see how i can mix them and how Can i mix them with my morning coffee or will it degrade them? How about just plain water and mixing with creatine?
  15. Y

    Vitamins with creatine mixed

    Someone told me that you should never mix vitamins and creatine because it could affect how the performance is I was wondering what you thought about that and if it would be okay to mix them and then add in some fruit juice before I drink
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    Cheap supps work?

    I'm curious about some of the cheaper supplements that I see being sold. Do these products help at all or is it a waste? I'm talking multivitamins, bcaa’s and creatine All 3 are dirt cheap. You can buy them all for like 20$
  17. D

    creatine and water mixed

    a friend of mine said that if you mix creatine with water and drink it then it should be fine and won’t degrade the creatine. My question is if this is true? And if so could I also mix it with things like coffee or smoothies?
  18. N

    Creatine solo or no?

    What is the best way to use creatine for optimal results? I want recovery and some more juice when i train Right now going 1-2x per day I’m 25 years old and train at my college gym Can creatine be ran by itself?
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    Legion recharge

    Looking for a good post-workout product to take I found one call legion recharge it's a post-workout drink and it's watermelon flavor. it costs about 40 bucks which is kind of expensive but I'm willing to try it if it can help it's got creatine and some amino acids in it. do you think...
  20. JimAbs43 483 TRT Clinics, Creatine bloat and drinking alcohol on steroids. 483 TRT Clinics, Creatine bloat and drinking alcohol on steroids.
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