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    big breakfast for big boy

    this morning I ate my breakfast and it consisted of five boiled eggs, two yogurts, one banana, flavored oatmeal, and a cup of coffee I figured I got a solid amount of protein with this breakfast along with plenty of nutrition plus I have a newborn baby that I am helping out with what does your...
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    Best breakfast menu

    I'm wondering what you guys all eat for breakfast and what is on the menu My work provides free food in the cafeteria once a day so i get the breakfast. Looking for the healthiest options the choices are Turkey bacon Fried steak Oatmeal Eggs Apple Toast Cereal and milk Cabbage I work out early...
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    Bolthouse farms breakfast smoothie

    Hey everybody I had a question about a morning smoothie. I like to go to the gym early and train fasted and then afterwards I get in my car and I drive about an hour to work. I want to get some quick nutrients into my system as soon as I leave the gym. do you think this product called breakfast...
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    Ample original complete meal shake

    I just don't have time in the morning to eat any breakfast so I'd rather just have a shake that's already made that I can drink on the way to work what do you think about ample original complete milkshake. First ingredient is whey protein powder and it's got nuts and things like psyllium husk...
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    Tips for breakfast

    What would be a healthy breakfast that I can transition to? I want to start eating more healthy I'm currently 28% body fat and I weigh about 270 pounds a typical breakfast for me now is a coffee and pancakes
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    Bacon and sausage for macros

    What do you think about eating bacon and sausage if I'm coming short of my macros. I like to have a late breakfast in the evening and eat these types of foods. Are they going to be healthy protein options for me. Or is there something else I should switch to I really enjoy the taste
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    breakfast options

    What do you guys and gals on here eat for breakfast usually? I am trying to cut down and right now I am eating bacon, eggs, and toast. Have done that for a long time every morning. Pretty easy meal to cook so I have stuck with it, but cannot lose weight doing it. Would oats and chicken for...
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    Simple Carbs for breakfast?

    I was just wondering...I am going on a cutting diet and I am moderately sensitive to carbs. How important are simple carbs for breakfast if I am trying to cut? And another thing...I workout about many simple carbs after I workout since it is getting later into the night?
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